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  1. Not sure if this is already a requested feature but as a long time Enpass user I have a request that gets annoying sometimes. I try to update my passwords once a year. But unfortunately, every website has their own password rule w.r.t what special chars are allowed/not-allowed, what is the password length etc... and sometimes I find out these rules after trying to set password (and failing multiple times) that they don't support some particular character(s). Enpass has a generate button which makes it easy to generate the passwords on the fly for an account. It would be great if enpass could remember what the rules were when I last updated a password for an account (not in general but account specific) and have the generate button pick it up, including the pronounceable, "included", "excluded", character types, minimum char type and password length fields. Right now I am saving the rules in the notes section of the account info, but it's irritating as the "include" chars text field does not allow copy/pasting so I need to type the chars each time. Sometimes that is a long list of chars that I don't want to type and I give up after only a few chars which limits the special chars in my password. I feel this is a low-hanging fruit for a feature addition which would encourage people to change password more often.
  2. I face this problem too. I use both Enpass6 and Enpass 5. I tried searching title, field and password. I created 2 logins recently with Enpass 5. It works as expected no issues. But when I switch to Enpass 6 (Mac app) I couldn't find them. For one of the logins, I tried to login to the site and the Enpass 6 Chrome extension picked it up. After that, the Mac App picked it up too. For the other, Enpass 6 extension suggested I add the credentials as a new entry, which I did. When I compare the enpass 5 vs 6 version, I noticed that there is something new called "Show webform" in enpass6 which maps fields in the site to fields in enpass. This is not shown in enpass 5. Not sure if that makes a difference. For this second credential, I also noticed that I cannot find it in Enpass 5. It may be that the way you guys are storing the entries and parsing them from the walletx file from these applications breaks compatibility. Not sure, though.
  3. Enpass 6 browser plugin doesn't work on RHEL 7.3. Enpass 5 works, but cannot get the Enpass 6 plugin to work. I have installed the desktop Enpass6 and have it running in the background. Browser extension is enabled in the App as well. It opens up the new enpass6 app but does not generate the key as it does on other platforms and an error page (attached) after sometime. I tested with Chrome and Firefox addons and neither of them worked.
  4. Thank you for letting me know @Anshu kumar. Is this testable on Beta?
  5. I like to change my passwords regularly. One of the problems I find is that some websites have very different rules for the passwords. Including length, special characters to exclude, character class to include etc... Some websites require special chars but don't like certain characters like <>& for some reason. There is no way to specify complex password rules in enpass at the moment. Can you guys add the following features into the product Support for extended ascii chars like √˚∂å etc... for stronger passwords. Allow users to create and save password rules Rule to include character class or specific characters Rule to exclude character class or specific characters Rule to set the password length range Allow password field to be associated with created rules in each login entry Add a way to generate passwords with above rules on the login entry itself E.g. max password length: 32, min password length: 12, exclude: (<>&) Include: One capital(A-Z), One lowercase (a-z), 3 special characters (?%$#@*",'), one ASCII character (È√ø∂) If you can allow me to save the password rules for a particular login entry, and the generate button picks up the rule automatically it would be amazing. Edit: I just tried the Beta version of Enpass for the first time and noticed that some of my requests have been addressed already. Great job on staying on top of things guys. This is why I recommend you to all my friends and coworkers. I scratched out the features you guys put in beta. Can't wait for it to be put on the stable branch.
  6. On iPhones, we are able to restore passwords without using cloud services. If this can be extended to sync passwords between devices (phones/tables/laptops) that would be awesome. I really don't trust any of the cloud services but there is no way to sync without using one onto phones or tablets.
  7. I also agree. YubiKey challenge-response mode can be used as an alternative to master password or pin. Keepass has it.
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