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  1. Could you link to what you read that put you off mega so badly?
  2. I can't see a history on any of my passwords. How do you access that? What about generated passwords where you've never saved a site or generated in the app and not the plugin? Thanks
  3. I'm testing enpass as a possible replacement for lastpass, and when I use the browser plugin to generate a password, it doesn't ave it to the store. If I log out of the new site and log back in (I have to find the password from the clipboard, which was a problem the first time I noticed, as it had been removed) then it offers to save the password, but in the two cases I've tried (one being this forum), it doesn't then know what the username is (as that was remembered). Is this a setup problem or something that doesn't work? As a side note, lastpass remembers the generated passwords anyway for each site, even if it doesn't know whether you used it. That would be a useful feature.
  4. I'm evaluating alternatives to lastpass, and at the moment enpass is looking the most promising. Not a show stopping feature, but one I've noticed is missing compared to lastpass, It would be nice to be able to require the master password (or a pin) be entered again for certain sites - I currently use this for banking and anything that has my credit card details stored. Since my pw store tends to be unlocked permanently on my main home machine, it stops the kids 'accidentally' spending money.
  5. Lastpass does it fine. I'm looking for alternatives for lastpass though, as their servers have been down a few times recently and apparently that's when you discover that offline logon doesn't work at all.
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