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  1. I'm having a similar problem with my Personal & Business OneDrive accounts currently. Ideally, I'd like to have several different vaults but can't seem to figure out how to best setup and sync. Here's what I'd like to do: Primary Vault = Personal - sync'd with Personal OneDrive account Sub 1 Vault = Personal-Family - sync'd with a Family OneDrive account Sub 2 Vault = Business-Personal - sync'd with Business OneDrive account Sub 3 Vault = Business-Management Team - sync'd somewhere where all members can use. Sub 4 Vault = Business-Accounting Team - sync'd somewhere all members can use. Is it even possible to do this? If so, is there documentation to make it happen? I couldn't find anything. Thanks.
  2. FYI - I came here for this too. Using 6.4.1 as mentioned above. Alternatively, I found that hitting the Copy button while in the Generate Password window generates a brand new password.
  3. My company works on thin clients in a Windows Server 2012 RS terminal server environment. Would the newest version (6.0) of Enpass work properly if we installed on this server for our folks to use? Thanks.
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