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  1. Hi, when a login or secure note is in edit mode you can select text using standard Windows key combination SHIFT+ARROW KEYS. This does not work though when the item is not in edit mode. Any chance of having this work consistently in both modes?
  2. Hello @Anshu kumar, it's been 5 months... Is this feature still on your roadmap?
  3. If I understand correctly V6 upgrade replaced folders with tags. The issue I'm having is that changing tag name on PC a doesn't change it on iOS (and vice-versa). Syncing via WebDAV and everything else seems to be synced correctly.
  4. Thanks. Is it in a roadmap for v5 or v6? Any indication on timing?
  5. Hello, I just moved to EnPass and everything looks great but there is one feature that is either missing or I can't find it... I have quite few large secure notes. When I do a global search in EnPass it does find text inside these notes, but there is no indication where the actual text is. Is there a way to make global search highlight where the text was found? Or alternately do a local search inside a secure note like in some other password managers?
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