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  1. Great, thanks for looking into this.
  2. Hello. I run Enpass on my work MacBook. My company also uses Palo Alto Cortex XDR as an AV client. After the upgrade to the new version on Enpass that I upgraded to this morning (Feb 2, 2021), Cortex XDR is now quarantining Enpass. Here's some of the output from the Cortex XDR AV program: Prevention ID: xxxxx Machine name: xxxxx OS Name: macOS OS Version: OS X 10.16.0 Cortex XDR version: Dump path: N/A Content Version: 165-51072 Mode: Terminate Module name: WildFire Date: 2/2/21, 9:07:57 AM Verdict: Grayware Source Process ID: 586 Source Process Command-Line: /Applications/Enpass.app/Contents/MacOS/Enpass Source User Name: xxx
  3. Hello. On MacOS Mojave I've noticed the latest Enpass beta (6.00 Build 220) window will hide itself when you switch from one Desktop to another. I run Parallels in full screen mode. When I have Enpass as the active top window in Mojave and then three-finger swipe to switch to the Parallels desktop (in full screen mode), then I swipe back to Mojave, the Enpass window will hide itself behind another Mac application. This didn't happen in the previous build of the 6.0.0 Beta. Only the Build 220 started this. Thanks
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