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  1. Sorry, see a way to delete this. Found this was asked and answered already: To Copy Username --> Ctrl+Shift+U To Copy Password --> Ctrl+Shift+P To Copy URL --> Ctrl+Shift+R To Copy TOTP --> Ctrl+Shift+T To launch URL --> Ctrl+Shift +L
  2. Moving from 1Password, and so far, really, the only thing I think I am missing is the quick copy-to-clipboard feature... When in either a browser-extension or the main app, I find the entry I want. When I am using 1Password I can use a keyboard shortcut to then copy the password of the current entry to the clipboard and it dismissed 1Password leaving me ready to paste it into the current application, system-wide. I use this all the time for ssh logins and web pages as well. Is it here somewhere that I just can't find? If not, please consider adding it.
  3. Not strictly an Enpass issue, at least I don't think so, but as I transition from 1Password I wanted to leave them both available so I could pick which one to look up passwords from. However, going into settings for Autofill in the system preferences will only let me pick one program at a time, if I select Enpass it deselects 1Password and if I select 1Password it deselects Enpass. I had Avast Passwords installed from a long time ago, and selecting that deselects the current provider as well, so it isn't just between 1Password and Enpass that the problem happens. Nothing I can do will let me pick two thrid-party providers, just Apple iCloud and a 3rd Party one. I had seen some blogs that mentioned you could have several, but at least not on my iPads.
  4. Side note, but after setting up the Google Drive sync information, and it was syncing, the window only had a "Cancel" option. It made me think that closing it would cancel the operation. But even after the sync finished, nothing changed, so I hit cancel to make the window go away. This could be confusing.
  5. I uninstalled/reinstalled, same problem. I uninstalled, installed v5 from the App Store, then reinstalled v6Beta from TestFlight and it worked. It didn't ask me to restore purchases, it just had the Pro license in place. As my Google Drive backup was from the Mac beta, it synchronized fine.
  6. Just installed this from TestFlight... I said I was an existing user, selected Google Drive, then upgrade to attempt to restore my purchased license. The app crashes here. :(
  7. I did see a post elsewhere that an upcoming beta is going to have updated extensions built into it? Well, at least Safari was mentioned. Guess just wait and see when it is released.
  8. I saw this in comments on the blog post about multiple vaults: [can't post link to blog post] Enpass Team 3 months, 3 weeks ago Hi, Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, with Enpass 6 it won't be possible to share the vaults with the OneDrive sharing functionality. But we are already working on bringing the Folder sync support in Enpass 6 which will allow you to sync multiple vaults with the same cloud account by giving a specific folder path to each vault.
  9. Is there a different location to download v6 browser extensions from? All I get is that the browser extensions are not able to communicate with the main app. I do have them enabled in the app, and the extensions are freshly installed.
  10. I just came here to start a thread about this, having just set up syncing tonight. Surely there has to be a way... Please make it happen.
  11. n9yty

    TestFlight Code

    Also new here... Well, I used Enpass Desktop for a work-related vault, but I have been a LONG TIME 1Password user. I've had it with the changes they have made and the direction they are going, forcing memberships. Then they came out with 1Password7 for Android after a long delay, only to not support Vaults on that platform without buying into the subscription model. SIGH. Seeing that the beta of Enpass v6 is out with support for multiple vaults, I immediately bought the Android and iOS licenses.... Then came the realization that they are v5, not v6, and won't sync. Android was easy, being open beta, so that is working. I signed up for the Beta program and received the confirmation email, but no Testlfight code. I realize I just did this tonight, but asking here in case it takes any extra work to send them out... Maybe they were only sent to current members when a version was released.
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