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  1. Sorry for the delay. Here the info about the other two devices: Second laptop says last sync August 25, last try just now. Android tablet is the only device where sync is still working: Last sync seconds ago.
  2. Clock looks okay on all devices. Windows PC 1 has last sync August 31 2016 10:24:01, last try September 2 2016 13:29:54 Mobile phone has last sync August 26 09:31:27 last try September 2 2016 13:33:05 Google drive says file last modified on August 24. I don't have access to the other two devices right now, will update later.
  3. Hell Anshu. Thanks for your help. In both drives there is only one sync_default.walletx. Can you elaborate on the second point? Do you mean if the clock is right on all devices?
  4. I have four devices running Enpass: Two PCs with Windows 7, an Android tablet and an Android Smartphone. I had Cloud sync using Onedrive set up, but on both PCs I had the problem that the sync stopped working after a while. Even closing Enpass and starting it up fresh again didn't work, I had to disable cloud sync and re-enable it again. In this process I even lost an account because the changed password was overwritten by the old one from the cloud. I now changed from Onedrive to Google Drive but this morning found the same issue. Last sync: August 24, Last sync attempt: August 31. I'm running latest update on all devices. Having sync between my Android devices and my Desktop was the sole reason to purchase, it's very disappointing that it now fails. There isn't even any error message giving info on what's going on.
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