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  1. Sorry but these are just poor excuses for not having fingerprint recognition on Windows and, without meaning to be rude, I want to hear from the developer on this, not you.
  2. If you use the app version of the windows version then you can have some limited fingerprint unlocks, but it doesn't work at the same time as an extension for your browser. If you run the desktop (free) version of the windows version then you have NO fingerprint unlocks on the PC but it does allow you to have browser plugins, though those plugins on windows do NOT allow fingerprint unlocking. So fingerprint unlocking on windows is totally borked - I suspect this is as much down to windows as Enpass. The android version is only compatible with the non-app version of the windows version, and it DOES allow fingerprint unlock. Essentially, the way it is described in versions, I thought I would be getting a version for windows and Android (by paying for both) that BOTH used fingerprints and worked together, but they don't. Instead I have fingerprints on android and none on windows. If you look at the page explaining the versions you can see how someone could easily not realise this is the case. I want to use my finger, not have to type in my huge master unlock password every 5 minutes (or whatever). By now fingerprint reading on the PC should be as easy as it is on your phone and I don't understand why we still can't have it.
  3. Hi, I bought the Android pro version and also paid for the windows app. I wanted a password manager that works with fingerprints. BUT... the windows app version doesn't work with web browsers (really??) and is not compatible, it seems, with the android version. I cannot use fingerprints with my Windows Hello fingerprint reader as the app version won't work with browser plugins. Considering I have paid twice for this I feel a bit annoyed and slightly conned. Surely there should be ONE version per platform, all should work together and fingerprint unlocking should be available on windows and android?
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