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  1. Still have this issue, literally every time I need to sync I have to go through the connection process to iCloud again. And my Mac app is on v6.4.2, in which this is supposedly fixed, but it's definitely not.

    I'll try removing the connection and setting it up again as described above and see if that helps. It would be nice to have this feature working for longer periods of time. I don't mind needing to reconnect every once in a while, but doing it every other day is annoying.

  2. 4 hours ago, Damasta said:

    I also realize you are trying to make a UI that works on all platforms and therefore ought to be as generic as possible. But we all chose our platforms for a reason

    ^ Yes, 100% this!

    As others have already stated, Enpass 6 feels like it was designed for a mobile device and ported to the desktop. I chose to use a Mac for a reason, and I prefer my apps look like they were designed for my platform of choice, not ported from something else. Please consider making it more like a real Mac app. And I'm sure the same might apply to the Windows platform, but I don't use it so I don't know.

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  3. Thanks for your thorough (as usual) posting @100 Watt Walrus I'm also disappointed in this "release" which in my mind is still a beta at best. I fully understand that a full revamp of a product is bound to have issues that take time to resolve over the course of additional point releases, but the now MIA favicon feature in the released version is a big disappointment. While it was buggy for sure, I can't help but feel that at least some of the broken functions could have been fixed before releasing it to the public.

    To add to the list above, it was also reported back in November on a thread that deleting an Enpass item does not show a warning dialog, nor does it explain that the item will be moved to the Trash location. This is a poor UX as it is easy to accidentally delete entries and not even realize it in some cases, and not know where they ended up unless you go hunting for them. It was acknowledged by the developers, but it was never addressed, so the problem still exists in this public release. That seems like low hanging fruit to address, but it was apparently ignored or put on the back burner.

    I hope development is listening and will address some of the bigger issues in the short term with a point release on the near horizon.

  4. I want to second this one. I'm now using the release version of Enpass 6.0 and this remains an issue. I did a search for an item using the search bar, then had the item selected but wanted to clear my search field. I hit delete, not realizing I was on the selected item and not focused in the search bar, and poof, the entry was gone with no warning. Fortunately it can be retrieved from the trash, but this is still a poor user experience. You guys REALLY should address that.

  5. I see the new build and installed it. But I'm STILL not able to pair the application with Safari. When I click the Enpass Safari toolbar icon, it opens a new window in the browser attempting to generate a passcode to pair, but it never comes up with one. I've tried this dozens of times to no avail. I'm not sure what gives, but without the ability to use this from within a browser (or at least not from within Safari), then it's kind of useless. It means I can only use it from other browsers, or I must copy/paste usernames/passwords from the app and paste them back into the fields in Safari. Quite annoying.

    Does anyone have any clue why this isn't working for me, or have a fix I can try?

  6. @100 Watt Walrus Thanks for the information regarding the icon/image dimensions. I might have eventually hit on the correct size, but with perhaps a dozen bad icons in my UI afterwards. I agree with you on all points. The UX for adding these icons is not good. It should at least take a square dimension icon and scale it correctly so it looks good in the software. I have no doubt the API being used to pull those images from the web is already doing this. There's no way all the website images it pulls are already in the right dimensions. I don't see why it couldn't run a custom uploaded image thru the same conversion process and save us the hassle.

    And not being able to delete or otherwise manage those icons is terrible. I now have about 6 broken icons in the UI that I can't possibly use for anything, and can't remove, and of course they are the first 6 that show up!

    Developers, please give us a way to delete or manage the custom icons, and also fix it so uploading an image auto scales the image to the correct needed dimensions. Thanks!

  7. What is the size and format needed for custom icons for the Enpass beta to make them appear correctly in the program? I've been trying to replace a few icons that don't get pulled in via the  favicon function with my own, but no matter what I try, they come in too large, too small, or cut off in some weird way. Is there any documentation on how to create your own that will work properly?

  8. Hi there. Long time user of Enpass, but new to the community forums. I decided to give the latest beta 6 version on my Mac a try. Overall I like the changes. But I'm having a difficult time getting the Safari browser extension to work. At first I mistakenly thought I needed to download it to install, before remembering that Apple doesn't allow installs like that anymore. So I see the latest Enpass installs the extension automatically, which is great. Unfortunately the first time I try to use it I can't get past the pairing up process. i get a screen telling me to enter a code to authenticate to the browser, but the code itself never generates on the page that opens up in Safari. It just sits there with the spinning partial circle going round and round forever. Without a code to enter, I can't pair up the extension with the browser.

    I attached a screenshot to my post here. Hopefully it's displaying properly.

    Does anyone know what might be causing this and a way to get around it? Thanks in advance.

    Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 12.30.53 PM.png

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