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  1. Hello everyone! I'm writing to get recommendations about how and if it's the best approach for merging two vaults without having duplicate entries. Probably some of you know that Enpass locks the some of it's files then Onedrive can't backup those without closing Enpass, so I don't know why Onedrive downloaded from cloud storage one old vault files and then I noticed some credenciais missing. My solution was to create another vault (without cloud sync) using one of the local backups then I recoverd the credentials I had, but now I have two "repeated" vaults. One more complete and other less complete. The problem is: the oldest with less credentials is the one that I sync do Google Drive, besides of file sync with Onedrive. What do you guys recomend to merge or solve that? Best, Ellery
  2. Hi! It just worked by itself as I expected. When I update the vault, OneDrive detects the change in the file and backup it up again. Best!
  3. Hi @Vinod Kumar No, I'm not trying to have different passwords for one credential in a specific vault. What I need is one vault shared with, for example, 3 people. The sharing would be local file (but this file synced by 3rd app, not integrated Enpass 6 cloud sync, in my case Onedrive from Offiec365) a team folder shared with my team. Is this ok? I have access to this file at work and at home (the sync helps me in this), but I can't import at home and the "import from this pc" only shows options for "Back File" or "Previous Backups" and if I choose any option I have to change Enpass 6 to show all files, but when I choose the "vault.enpassdbsync" file none of my passwords works. The most interesting is the password for this vault is saved in my personal vault and I copy and paste from there and no success. I guess I'm doing something wrong, but not the password. Or this "topology" isn't compatible to enpass 6. :-) Interesting, isn't it? C-ya!
  4. Hello Everyone! Is it OK to use Enpass 6, for example, one vault for personal data, a second vault for professional credentials and a third one to use shared with co-workers syncing somewhere?
  5. Hello everyone! I'm a satisfied user of enpass since v5 on mobile and PC and now I'm testing V6, but something ocurred and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or I found any kind of bug. The problem is: one of the vaults I store locally I keep a copy in the cloud using onedrive to read it in another computer "vault.enpassdbsync", but when I try to access in that second computer Enpass says the password is wrong. Is this a possible option to maintain password in two computers or Enpass 6 is only compatible with it's Cloud Sync standard option for Onedrive? Best, Ellery
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