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  1. Hi! It just worked by itself as I expected. When I update the vault, OneDrive detects the change in the file and backup it up again. Best!
  2. Hi @Vinod Kumar No, I'm not trying to have different passwords for one credential in a specific vault. What I need is one vault shared with, for example, 3 people. The sharing would be local file (but this file synced by 3rd app, not integrated Enpass 6 cloud sync, in my case Onedrive from Offiec365) a team folder shared with my team. Is this ok? I have access to this file at work and at home (the sync helps me in this), but I can't import at home and the "import from this pc" only shows options for "Back File" or "Previous Backups" and if I choose any option I have to change Enpass 6 to show all files, but when I choose the "vault.enpassdbsync" file none of my passwords works. The most interesting is the password for this vault is saved in my personal vault and I copy and paste from there and no success. I guess I'm doing something wrong, but not the password. Or this "topology" isn't compatible to enpass 6. :-) Interesting, isn't it? C-ya!
  3. Hello Everyone! Is it OK to use Enpass 6, for example, one vault for personal data, a second vault for professional credentials and a third one to use shared with co-workers syncing somewhere?
  4. Hello everyone! I'm a satisfied user of enpass since v5 on mobile and PC and now I'm testing V6, but something ocurred and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or I found any kind of bug. The problem is: one of the vaults I store locally I keep a copy in the cloud using onedrive to read it in another computer "vault.enpassdbsync", but when I try to access in that second computer Enpass says the password is wrong. Is this a possible option to maintain password in two computers or Enpass 6 is only compatible with it's Cloud Sync standard option for Onedrive? Best, Ellery
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