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  1. Nice one Marbleboot, copied your fix, now seems to work a treat. Let's hope there is no re-occurrence.
  2. I have exactly the same problem that I reported to support the other day (Ref ECS-13697). Affecting PC (Win 10), iPhone & iPads. I was told to carry out the same procedure as Mikey2233 above, but was unsure if "Disconnect sync from all the devices" included my PC as well as phone/tablets. Queried with Pratyush Sharma, but waiting for a reply. Update: Just had an email from Enpass Support about ECS-13697 to say that as I had not replied within 72hrs (which I had), they've closed the case!
  3. Hi Deyvison Well done, thanks for that. Works fine now. They ought to make that "PC Backup restore" a bit more prominent and ensure existing users see it.
  4. Hi Deyvison I have the same problem and am following your advice above, but on version 6 I cannot find anywhere to import a back up. the nearest I can get is File>Import, but the Enpass file it allows is a JSON file. Can you point me in the right direction please
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