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  1. Good to know because I will be updating to Windows 10 soon. cheers
  2. Hi Dexter007, The issue I had is that I got Firefox as the default browser on my Android Blackberry Keyone. So I followed the FAQ steps, as such on my Android phone: Open Firefox -> Settings -> General ->Tab Queue -> Disable it. Then I updated my Enpass Desktop to version 6.0.0 (230), and renamed the "Enpass" folder on my Good Drive to Enpass_old. Once that was done the desktop app updated my Google Drive with a new file. Next I uninstalled the Enpass from my Android phone and installed it again, during the installation I selected "Good Drive" as my default sync, the mobile Firefox came up and I authorized the connection. I think the main issue is that you need to have Enpass Desktop 6.0.0 (230) and the latest Android version, which appears to be
  3. Got sync to work after installing Enpass 6.0.0 (230) on the desktop. I'm totally unimpressed with the new desktop GUI, takes too much space on my desktop. I liked it more when it was simple and clean, now it is big and very unpleasant to look at.
  4. Really annoying to be forced an update, which takes so long to get it to sync. The previous version was working well: I uninstalled the app from the mobile yet again. When I installed it I allowed it to access my Google Drive and it restored my data, but it still doesn't sync: for example, the fake data I entered in my mobile app previously, still not showing up on my desktop app. It looks like the Mobile App is looking at a different directory on my Google Drive and my Desktop App at another directory. Can you please let me know what the folder is that the mobile app syncs n my Good Drive? I'm sure as heck it is not MyDrive \ Enpass, otherwise, it would have sync.
  5. Sorry, for some reason I was checking the Firefox on my desktop. I found the option within my Mobile Firefox and changed it, but still doesn't work. I've created a fake entry on the mobile app and it doesn't prompt me to sync anymore. When I sync from my desktop (where I got version 5.6.10) it doesn't work as well, as I don't see my fake entry on the desktop app. How can I force the sync from the mobile app? I also uninstalled the app from the mobile device and restored the database by pointing to my Google Drive, but it still not sync. Fake updates I did on the desktop app are not showing up in the mobile. I disconnected and reconnected my sync account as well after renaming my enpass folder on my Google Drive. How can I go back to the old version, as I had no such issues before? Thank you.
  6. Vinod Kumar, this FAQ doesn't work because the options listed in it doesn't exist in the latest Firefox version. Your FAQ asks the user to follow these steps: Open Firefox -> Settings -> General ->Tab Queue -> Disable it. Now enable sync in Enpass. Well, in Firefox I go to Options (not Settings) -> General (this one is ok) -> Tab Queue (is nowhere to be found). Thank you
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