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  1. Dear all,

    I save some login data in safari/Mac keychain.
    In Enpass v5 I had the option to suppress Enpass popping up at these websites (not asking to save/update/whatever to do ...).

    Where is the option in v6?


  2. 18 hours ago, Bucanero said:

    They removed the feature in v6. In my opinion, it's a huge setback and a huge SECURITY issue. I was horrified when I went to my system tray to open Enpass and I was already logged in!

    Totally agree, huge security issue in my opinion. 


  3. Hi everyone,

    every time I start up Enpass I have to click on the TouchID-Button to unlock by fingerprint.
    Can you implement this in reversed order, i. e. when starting Enpass, the TouchID windows pops up directly?
    Only in case of need for masterkey the window for typing in the key should be activated manually.


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  4. Hi there,

    yesterday I did the upgrade on Mac, iPhone and iPad to v6.
    I am running sync via iCloud and usually there was an Enpass folder containing the walletx-file.

    Now the file and folder is gone, I can not see those in finder or iCloud-online. 
    Where is the folder? Oddly enough, sync works perfectly. 


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