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  1. Vinod Kumar

    Backdoor in password generator ?

    Hi @Sam, Let me have this opportunity to assure you that there is such no backdoor in the algorithm. There is clearly some misunderstanding here. Let us find out the probability of having at least two consecutive digits in a number of various length using a computer program P(length 2) = 10 / 100 = 0.1 P(length 3) = 190 / 1000 = 0.19 P(length 4) = 2710 / 10000 ≈ 0.27 P(length 5) = 34390 / 100000 ≈ 0.34 P(length 6) = 409510 / 1000000 ≈ 0.40 P(length 7) = 4685590 / 10000000 ≈ 0.46 So, as length increases probability increases. and is approximately P ≈ (∑k - ∑(k-n+1))/k^2 where k >= n k is sample space of single digit n is length of password In our case k=10 and n=10 P(length 10) = (55 - 1)/100 = 0.54 So, Probability of occurrence of at least two consecutive digits in a random password of length 10, using only digits is 0.54 i.e. 54%. And it is very close to your statistical calculation. Cheers:)
  2. Vinod Kumar

    Backdoor in password generator ?

    Hi @Sam, Welcome to Enpass. Can you please elaborate the problem in more detail so that I can address your concerns? Do you mean to say "Measure of occurrence of consecutive number pairs in a random password of length 10, using only digits"? Regards, Vinod
  3. Vinod Kumar

    Windows Hello on Windows Desktop

    Hi @Arthur Rump, Windows Hello dialogue is supposed to be used with Store apps only. There is an user interface issue in Windows Hello dialogue when used in Win32 apps. We are in talk with Microsoft Hello team regarding it but there is no apparent fix soon.
  4. Hi @Jay, Thanks for detailed information you provided. This is the first time we are getting this type of complaint. It seems related to webforms save by a older version of 1Password. While we are looking into reproducing and fixing the same, you can use 1Password import from CSV. It will not contain any form fields and will require less manual work afterwards in your case. Cheers,
  5. Vinod Kumar

    Can't sync/restore/backup to/from network share

    Hi, This is the bug in Gnome/GTK+3 native file chooser dialogue in linux. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=787128 As of now you can type you network location manually. Open file manager -> navigate to desired folder -> press Ctrl+L -> copy path of folder from location bar. Repeat the same with file chooser dialogue in Enpass. Press Ctrl+L -> paste in location bar. Cheers
  6. Vinod Kumar

    Windows hello issue

    Hi @nasko, Nothing wrong with Enpass here. It is due to the fact TPM is not in secure state because of this vulnerability. https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=852572 Microsoft is yet to release a firmware update to fix this issue. Enpass should work as intended after the firmware update. Thanks
  7. Vinod Kumar

    Security concern

    Hi @MatMaul There is nothing like annoying in your queries. This is the purpose of discussion forums and we really appreciate your presence here. And many thanks for choosing Enpass and showing your trust. Security is an ongoing process and you shall definitely see improvements in next major release. Let me attach here the answer from SQLCipher author himself. It should make things clear.
  8. Hi @rauppe31, This issue is related to the Qt framework bug which has not been resolved yet. We tried to hardcode the environment variable, but it keeps on causing sync related issues on some of our test systems. We prefer to wait until the upstream bug has been fixed. However, next major release, Enpass 6 will not use Qt network APIs and will not have this bug. We are sorry that you have to live with manual workaround for a while.
  9. Vinod Kumar

    Elmsoft Enpass

    Hi @fmfm, Enpass uses SQLCipher (open-source and peer-reviewed cryptography engine) with 24000 rounds of PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA1. In context of PBKDF2 or HMAC, SHA1 is still quite suitable from a security standpoint. We have already increased the number of iterations with improved algorithm, and we will implement these changes in production stream from next major release 6. And finally as concluded in their post https://blog.elcomsoft.com/2017/08/attacking-the-1password-master-password-follow-up/ , choice of strong master password is the most important factor guarding your data. Cheers
  10. Vinod Kumar

    How to disable pulseaudio?

    Hi @vsq, You won't be able to run Enpass without pulse audio installed. We don't have a command line flag for disabling it. Though this library is installed by default with almost every Linux desktop system, but you have a unique situation here. Please install relevant pulseaudio package on the target system and try again. Cheers
  11. Vinod Kumar


    Hello Andre! Thank you for reporting the vulnerability and co-operating with us throughout the fixing process. Well, the vulnerability has been fixed and the updated version 5.5.3 has been rolled out on June 12, 2017. More details here- https://www.enpass.io/blog/an-update-on-the-reported-vulnerability-of-enpass-for-android/ Also, it's a request to every Enpassian who's using the version 5.4.6 to 5.5.2 in Android to please update the app to the latest version 5.5.3 immediately. Cheers!
  12. Vinod Kumar

    jakarta httpclient 3.1

    Hi @lucas , Can't provide an ETA. The library shouldn't create a problem as webdav specs are not changed after its depreciation. The problem can be due to many other reasons including server implementation of Webdav. Please try webdav sync in desktop version of Enpass. Also if possible, can you provide us a demo account?
  13. Vinod Kumar

    Windows Hello on Windows Desktop

    Hi @Arthur Rump, Thanks for providing really helpful pointers. We will be including Windows Hello support in next major version.
  14. Vinod Kumar

    jakarta httpclient 3.1

    Hi @lucas, Yes, we are moving to another webdav implementation (c++ libcurl based) in next major version.
  15. Vinod Kumar

    Increase PBKDF Iterations...

    Hi @lucas, I think you are pointing towards the recent SHA-1 collision attack. PBKDF2 in SQLCipher use HMAC-SHA1 and it is still secure. Both are not quite the same thing.