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  1. Hi @MacFreek, Thanks for writing in. iPhone version currently supports only Basic authentication for WebDAV. We are aware of this limitation and will overcome it in future releases. Cheers
  2. Hi @Anthony, There are no updates for it as of now. Also, We are working on Edge extension that will work with UWP version of Enpass and will be available to download from Windows store.
  3. Thanks @Arthur Rump, noted. Need some time research it further. Will keep you posted.
  4. Hi @claudio, Thanks for bringing this into notice. Although most of the page faults are soft ones, so it should not impact the performance of system. We found that a timer running in our program is causing these page faults, a code refactoring request has been queued for next release to fix it.
  5. Hi @gaetawoo, Thanks for your time for writing a long list of suggestions and bugs. We have noted the same for improvements in future releases. However I would like to discuss first point separately: Firstly let me assure you this is not a security bug. Unlocking by fingerprint is securely implemented in android OS and OS itself restricts a users after n number of bad tries. Nobody can enter inside Enpass without your fingerprint. In other words brute-forcing by Fingerprint is almost impossible. Even if someone knows your device code and tries to add a new fingerprint, Android will invalidate the Enpass fingerprint key immediately and master password will be asked next time. Please see more details here On the other hand, if we delete the encrypted master password entirely on fingerprint authentication error (which sometimes happens with genuine users also for various reasons), it will lead to enable fingerprint support again from the Enpass settings and hence user inconvenience without any gain in security.
  6. Hi @Travis, We will update portable version after the next release v5.5, which will bring attachment support to Enpass.
  7. Hi @jhf2442, Enpass doesn't have its own CA store. Default system CA store is used. The demo account you provided is working ok on our phones. Also this may be the problem related to SSLCertificateChainFile: Mean while we trying to reproduce and figure out the problem.
  8. Hi All, I am really glad to share that Microsoft is working on the required APIs to let applications like Enpass communicate with the Edge browser extension and they have shared a little details with us. Based on those details we have started the development but we will be in a state to announce any ETA only after Microsoft introduce these APIs in one of coming Insider versions. Till then, please bear with us! Cheers
  9. Hi @dAverk, It will happen when Enpass is not able to connect to OneDrive API server. Please check 1. Your firewall is not blocking Enpass. 2. If you are using proxy for internet, try to configure the same in Enpass preferences (Advance -> Connection -> Manage Settings) also.
  10. Hi @Nikos, Sorry for inconvenience. We don't play with display adaptor directly in our code. But the Enpass uses Qt framework for user interface, which requires/uses OpenGL for rendering. We have shipped a new version of Qt library with Enpass 5.4 and hence some incompatibility. Can you tell me some configuration of your system like OS version, Graphics card, Processor etc? Also, Please try to upgrade your driver of display adaptor.
  11. Unfortunately not at this time. This feature has been pending in our roadmap from a long time. There are a lot of platforms to support and we had to add many security related features (like Windows hello, Android Finger print etc.), other most demanding features (Android autofill etc.) and a new platforms (Portable versions, Chromebook ) in last year. I hope 2017 will bring these type of long pending features in Enpass. Cheers!
  12. Hi @Phylum, There is a duplicate option in both Android and UWP versions. Its on the item detail page -> more options (three dots on top right) -> Duplicate. More at
  13. Hi all, Thanks for your co-operation. Issue has been fixed and update is available in beta channel. You can get beta build by following below steps. It may take few hours after that to show an update in store. Release update will follow soon. Cheers
  14. HI all, Thanks for sharing demo accounts. Just quick update. We have changed some ssl related stuff in recent version. There is 503 error while connecting your nextcloud servers. It was an old issue in nextcloud server , that was fixed in August. Please let us know which version of nextcloud you are using. If it is an older version, can any of you try Enpass after updating your server to latest version.
  15. Please send your purchase receipt and google id from which you had purchased old version of Enpass to They will fix it for you.