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  1. Vinod Kumar

    Enpass will not install Win 7 SP.1 64-bit

    @kennyeastmids Sorry. Updated the previous post.
  2. Vinod Kumar

    Enpass lost some of my data

    Hi @BioDave1955, Sorry for trouble. I can see two issues here. 1. Toolbar icons are not showing properly -> We are still investigating the issue. 2. Custom fields -> Did all of your custom fields disappeared? Can you give us some idea when did you added custom fields and in which version of Enpass? Thanks.
  3. Hi @Seger, The account/url provided by you is not mountable in any explorer i.e. Finder (Mac), Nautilus(Linux) or Windows Explorer. Because the url you provided is taking to web service login page. Either the WebDAV is not configured properly or the demo URL provided is not correct. I have already sent you PM about the problem on Jan 11. Thanks.
  4. Vinod Kumar

    Images in the vault

    Hi @stigvi, Thats true. Attachments are kept in separate files in Enpass 6, they are synchronized only when restored, added or deleted. Cheers:)
  5. Hi @rfflower, Please click on Extensions tab on downloads page on our website. Here is direct link for convenience. https://dl.enpass.io/stable/extensions/firefox/versions/v6.0.0.0-1/enpass-firefox-6.0.0.xpi Thanks.
  6. Hi all, This is certainly a False Positive. We have contacted Cisco Technical Assistance Center to look into it. Thanks.
  7. Vinod Kumar

    Enpass crashes after start

    Hi @Oxymed32, My bad for pointing to wrong link. Currently, macOS Mojave is on 10.14.2. I think beta might be a issue here. Please update your system to latest version and let me know if problem still persists. Thanks.
  8. Vinod Kumar

    Enpass will not install Win 7 SP.1 64-bit

    Hi @kennyeastmids, Sorry for inconvenience. Window 7 -> Please try this FIX and let me know if this works for you. https://www.enpass.io/support/enpass-starts-with-blank-white-screen-on-windows-how-can-i-fix-it/ iPad-> Please wait for next update for iOS 9.3.5 Safari extension related fix. Thanks.
  9. Vinod Kumar

    How to add a Keyfile

    Hi @Harry, Goto Settings->Vaults->Primary->Change password and choose Add KeyFile from Advanced section as shown in screen shot in previous reply. Thanks.
  10. Hi @mato, New Enpass extensions can only be used with v6 because they both App and Extension use different negotiation techniques than v5. So, you can't use v6 extension with v5 app or vice-versa. Functionality wise both are equal. The only pro for v6 is, it is being actively maintained and updated. Thanks.
  11. Vinod Kumar

    Keyboard shortcut copy username to clipboard gone?

    Hi @rburgst, Filed a bug report for this issue. Thanks.
  12. Vinod Kumar

    BUG - Missing Data after KeePass Import

    Hi @OLLI_S, Filed a bug report for this issue. Thanks.
  13. Vinod Kumar

    Where's my post from last night? Re Dropbox sync

    Hi @ithinkiam, You post has been merged with an exiting post which has been answered previously. Here Thanks.
  14. Vinod Kumar

    Synching Enpass vault on Box using WebDav

    Hi @DouggerJ, Sorry for the delay. 'Conflict in syncing data with Dropbox' error occurs when Enpass detects that items on local vault are different than items found in the cloud database. If you are trying to sync two different databases/vaults then follow the steps:-  1. Tap on Sync Error, and you will get a screen where you can see the number of items of both vaults and there will be two options 'Merge' and 'Disconnect'. 2. Tap on 'Merge' and syncing will be continued. You can safely continue with 'Merge' option even if Enpass is showing this error on same databases.  Please let me know if you ever imported data from any other password manager or csv file. That may be the cause of issue.  Thanks.
  15. Vinod Kumar

    password expire

    OK. Zero is not considered as a valid value so checkbox if unchecked for next time. Did it happen with non-zero value as well?
  16. Vinod Kumar

    password expire

    @PeterM You need to tick the option first (checkbox). Than you can change the value to desired number of days. Thanks.
  17. Vinod Kumar

    'Redirect' button on ENPASS extensions (all browser) seems not to work

    @Federico Fortini If proxy is not working correctly, please wait for next update. It has fixes related to proxy. Thanks.
  18. Vinod Kumar

    Different Costs for Win 10 and Win 32?

    There is no workaround fro that. There is no option to buy it on non-store version.
  19. Vinod Kumar

    Password history feature buggy

    Hi @Locutus, A generated password goes into history only when you actually take a action on it. i.e. copy/autofill/use in edit page. Please provide more details in where you are facing this issue. Thanks.
  20. Vinod Kumar

    IOS 9.3.5 enpass 6.0.1 autofill not working.

    @eddieb This is not the update I was talking. It is a pending update from last week which landed due to App store review process delay. Update 6.0.3 has the fix.
  21. Vinod Kumar

    password expire

    @PeterM Password expiry is calculated from the date the password is created/changed. For example if you created/changed a password on 1 Jan 2019 and added a 10 days expiry today, it will be shown as expired since its has been 15 days since it was created/changed. Is this what you want to know?
  22. Vinod Kumar

    Facing Error 0x80070005: Access Denied

    Hi @jack33, This is Microsoft Store specific issue. There is nothing we can do from our end to assist you. Thanks.
  23. Vinod Kumar

    Different Costs for Win 10 and Win 32?

    Hi @OLLI_S, You can't buy/restore Pro-version from Traditional version of Enpass, because it can't access Microsoft Store. If you install Store version on both of your systems, a single purchase will work for both. Thanks.
  24. Vinod Kumar

    NVIDIA ShadowPlay recognises Enpass as a Game

    Hi @djohannes, That may because Enpass uses Qt/QML for its user interface which in turn use OpenGL for drawing. Please try this FIX and let me know if it fixes for you. Thanks.
  25. Vinod Kumar

    Keyboard shortcut copy username to clipboard gone?

    Hi @k3yb0ard, Here is a screen shot of item specific menu (next to fav button) for item specific keyboard shortcuts. Thanks.