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  1. I always feel that Enpass promise more but deliver nothing.
  2. Yes, Enpass is not actively updating the app. I'm still waiting for keyboard autofill in-line feature.
  3. It's bad to see that your team hasn't updated the app for a long time (almost 6 months) and still there is no support for keyboard autofill. You guys are lagging so much behind the competition. It's time to switch.
  4. Hi Is there any way to create and save new logins on the app/browser?. It's just annoying to open enpass and manually create new logins. I have used dashlane and bitwarden previously and they allow users to create new logins directly from the browser. I have attached a screenshot (Dropbox Link) for reference purposes.
  5. Hi It would be really helpful if we can able create logins in browsers/app rather opening Enpass and manually creating new logins. I think 1Password, Bitwarden, Dashlane has this feature. And it would be a lot of convenient.
  6. Well, he is a vulnerability researcher at Google.
  7. Hi I have recently read an article written by Tavis Ormandy, Link. So I'm curious to know that Enpass have these vulnerabilities or not?. Thanks
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