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  1. Hi @rubenJS Do you have the correct beta repo configured? This is where I got the "official" beta version from, after testing various private debug builds over the last month in a bid to help the team resolve the issue. I do hope this build gets promoted soon as there's no doubt it's superior to every build, going back to version 6.3, which, I believe, introduced these crashes. In case you don't already have the beta repo installed: $ echo "deb https://apt.enpass.io/testing testing beta" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/enpass-beta.list $ sudo apt update $ apt polic
  2. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, A big THANK YOU to the entire team - and particularly developers - for finally fixing Enpass for Linux. It's taken a while but I'm pleased to confirm that version finally addresses the constant crashes I've been experiencing on the Linux version for well over a year. I'm really glad I'll be able to continue using Enpass and hope that Linux users won't be left out in the cold for quite so long next time an issue like this crops up...
  3. "Last couple of weeks" is a bit of an understatement. As far as I am concerned, Enpass on Linux has been utterly broken since version 6.4 was released about a year ago. is a bit more stable than the 6.4.x releases but 6.5.1 seems to be taking a step backwards. Any attempt to assist with debugging just seems to go down a black hole... at least they are kind enough to acknowledge them here... When I find the time, it feels like I'll have to start looking for an alternative. For me the must-have features (that Enpass would have, if it weren't for an unusable Linux version)
  4. In case this helps investigating the issue, I decided to run Enpass on the command line as follows: /opt/enpass/Enpass > /tmp/enpass_log 2>&1 & The logfile shows a large number of error messages that say: "QQmlComponent: Created graphical object was not placed in the graphics scene." (this happens as soon as Enpass is started, and some keep appearing later on). I'm wondering if this (and my large number of crashes) could be due to the fact that I use multiple workspaces? (note: workspaces are a standard GNOME feature that Enpass' developers may not be aware of. It's
  5. Can we please have a simple toggle (perhaps under Settings -> Advanced) to "disable integrated crash reporter". Privacy conscious users will certainly appreciate the option too. Background For over a year, Enpass has been less than stable on Linux. I have documented, extensively, the issues faced. Things have improved a little recently with 6.5.0, before worsening again with 6.5.1. In any case, it's still far off with Enpass crashing at least a few times on me daily. This is on "vanilla" Ubuntu LTS (20.04), which has to be the most used desktop Linux distribution. The in
  6. @rubenJS not to worry, your post in perfectly on topic. What versions of Enpass and Pop_OS are you running? I found that Enpass is the most stable for me on Ubuntu 20.04 (GNOME). This is supposedly a beta version, which you can install by following these instructions. Once you've done this, you can downgrade Enpass, as follows: sudo apt update apt-cache policy enpass # shows all versions available from the repositories sudo apt install enpass= # or whichever other version you'd like to try out sudo apt-mark hold enpass # prevent subsequent automatic upg
  7. I'm having to share some passwords with a customer organization that also uses Ubuntu and finding it very hard to recommend Enpass due to the continuous crashes that have been ongoing since the beginning of the year. I noticed that 1Password is moving into the Linux space. I *really*, *really* like Enpass and desperately want to stay with it but the frustration caused by 10+ daily crashes is starting to add up...
  8. Hi @Garima Singh, I got an update to version (beta) and it's *significantly worse* than the previous version ( 6.5.0 would crash about once a day; is back to crashing at least 10 times a day. I've just had a crash, followed by an immediate second crash just after typing the master password. I would strongly advise a rollback of I also looked into the "logs" which I enabled, inside the Enpass app. All I get are a number of "info" entries logging interactions with the WebDav server where my vaults are stored (). They don't look very us
  9. Hi @Garima Singh, Thanks again for following up. It's really good to see that you care about your Linux users. I have enabled logs and will email support@enpass.io with logs upon the next crash. Here's my answer to your generic questions: Size of database? I have 4 vaults, all synchronized with the iOS mobile version using a local WebDav server. Not sure vault #1: 1.1MB, 324 items, 4 attachments (1.5MB in total); #2: 411kB 165 items, 1 attachment (5kB); #3: 70kB, 14 items, no attachments; #4: 66kB, 12 items, no attachments I run standard Ubuntu 20.04.1, fully u
  10. Hi @Garima Singh, Thank you for following up. I suggest we continue in the new thread, which I see you've also commented on: Enpass beta 6.5.0 (701) MUCH more stable but crashes still
  11. Hi there, A massive THANK YOU for the release of beta 6.5.0 for Linux. I have documented the excruciating experience I had with the previous version (6.4.1) on stock Ubuntu 20.04, which was crashing up to 20 times a day on me! As soon as I saw news of the 6.5.0 beta, I didn't hesitate one second. The outcome: it's a massive improvement in stability as it only crashes maybe once a day on average; I probably use Enpass 20-30 times a day on my desktop. Still, once a day is not fully satisfactory; thus my queries: Is there any practical way I can help you debug these issues
  12. Hi @Garima Singh, It's been over three months and I still face Enpass crashing several times every day on me on stock Ubuntu 20.04. It's come to the point where I dread having to log on to any website as I know by instinct this will very likely cause a 30+ seconds interruption in my workflow while Enpass takes its time to crash, present me with the crash reporter (have you been getting those???) and finally comes back up... As suggested previously, I'm most happy to help you debug this issue in any practical way. Otherwise I would really appreciate an ETA for a fix. I noticed
  13. @Pratyush Sharma is there a way I can disable the crash reporter please? I suppose that by now you have enough of my reports (must be 50 or so...) and I certainly have enough of having to go through the reporter several times a day, as this only serves to exacerbate the impact on my workflow. Many thanks!
  14. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, I must have submitted at least 20 crash reports with this thread mentioned in the comments over the last couple of weeks; and that's not even all the crashes I encountered. Basically Enpass crashes on average at least 2-3 times a day. Perhaps a couple of specific aspects from my setup that may or may not matter: I have three vaults in my Enpass setup Each is synchronized with a WebDav server. Let me know if you need anything else from me? Happy to run debug versions etc to try and get to the bottom of this if this is helpful.
  15. Hi Pratyush, Thanks a lot for your reply! I have just submitted a crash report that occurred with the typical pattern of invoking Enpass from Firefox - to fill out a login form - using the hotkey. I have included this thread's URL in the crash report and will be repeating this process for a week or so. I hope this method works for you; let me know if you need anything else or a different way of flagging those issues. Cheers!
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