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  1. Hi @Garima Singh, glad to hear that you´ve been able to reproduce the issue. I´d like to add following comments: The screenshots above are made on Enpass (AppStore) on MacOS, but it´s the same on iOS. I have already tried to to reinstall the app on my Mac and imported the database from iCloud. This did not solve the problem. So the bug has to be in the database itself. Please keep us in the loop. I´d really like the bug to be fixed, even though it´s not extraordinary critical.
  2. Thanks @Vinod Kumar There are two options for quick unlock: via PIN-Code (Mac without touch id) or via touch id. You said: So while Enpass in running in the background using PIN-Code does only protect via user interface and does not actually a decrypt/encrypt operation. I think this is different when using touch id as quick unlock via touch id does an actual decrypt/encrypt operation, right?
  3. Hi there I´m using PIN code on Mac OS (MacBook without Touch ID) in oder to quick unlock enpass app running in the background? I think that the master password is not saved on in Mac, even in ram. This means unlocking with Pin Code doesn´t actually decrypt data in enpass. Technically you can say enpass running in the background and locked with Pin is actually unlocked, right? In case someone gets acess to an unlocked Mac with enpass locked with PIN (instead master passwors): May it be possible that this person (that is is pretty much into IT / has former computer skills) could gain access to data saved in enpass?
  4. Hi there, I often see a behavior of enpass which causes the keyboard not to work within enpass. When using enpass for quite some time it sometimes happens, that I can´t type any character into any field while enpass still react to mouse inputs and the keyboard still works in any other app. When this happens I have to close the enpass window (only the window not the app) and reenter my PIN in order to be able to type in characters into enpass again.
  5. I´d also like to see ether a dropbox to choose one eMail address of a list or an auto-complete function (so that you only have to type in the first character of an eMail address).
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