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  1. Hi @Mr. Cheese, Welcome to the Enpass community. We do not recommend "Pausing the server" because auto-sync happens after every 15 secs, while the app is in the foreground. Also, when you save any change in item details or master password, Enpass waits for 5 secs and initiates an auto-sync. So it is not advisory to pause the sync server although you can but no changes made will be reflected on your client device.
  2. @Bustr, It is added in the audit section but as already mentioned only those login items will appear under the Audit section of 2FA in which 2FA is yet to be enabled, once you enable the 2FA it will appear under the Others--> One Time Codes. For quick troubleshooting I would recommend you to disable the 2FA for google and enable it again and then share your findings with me if issue persists.
  3. Hi @Bustr, Welcome to the Enpass community. Please follow these steps. Open Enpass--> Go to Settings--> Browser--> Under "Autofill" enable (Automatically copy One-time password after autofill ). Enpass will automatically copy the one-time password from the item to the clipboard after autofilling the username and password on the webpage. You’ll just have to paste the one-time password in the required field and log in. This happens when you enter invalid key in the OTP field of an item. If you have enabled 2FA on the Google it will not appear in the Audit under 2FA supported because it will only show the list of logins in which 2FA is yet to be enabled. You will see the Google item in under the Others--> One Time Codes.
  4. Hi @rburgst, Thank you for reaching out to us. The system wide hotkey lets you launch the Enpass anywhere in the system, Enpass Assistant will pop-up right there to give you quick access to your Enpass data and then by simply clicking anywhere outside the Enpass window it closes the app. Although, I have duly noted your feedback to auto hide Enpass app after copying the database and it has been forwarded to the concerned team for further consideration. Cheers!!
  5. Hi @klktrk, Thank you for reaching out to us. I would like to share some information about Enpass Password Strength Estimation in the Passowrd Generator. Entropy is a measure of password strength and Enpass uses Zxcvbn for calculation of the entropy of random passwords. Click on this link to know more about zxcvbn. If a password is pronounceable, Enpass calculates both Zxcvbn and Diceware entropy and the least of them will be used to show strength. The strength meter is calibrated for the following corresponding entropy to display values. . Cheers !!
  6. Hi @Pivopiev, Welcome to the Enpass community. Please share the following details so that I can get it tested for you. Which version of Enpass, Windows 11 OS and Portable are you using? Are you getting any error messages or codes during sync? If yes, share the screenshot. Did the last synced time get updated on the sync page? Cheers!!
  7. Hi @der_grund, Welcome to the Enpass community. For quick troubleshooting I would recommend you to follow the below-mentioned steps and share your findings with me. Disconnect Sync from all devices that are synced with dropbox. Open Dropbox on any browser on your device--> Go to App--> Enpass folder-->Vault.enpassdbsync--> Rename it as Old vault.enpassdbsync. Now open Enpass and connect with dropbox Sync on all devices. Also make sure that Enpass application is running in the background when you are using the browser extension. Open Enpass App--> Go to "Settings" --> Click on "General"--> Enable both options under “Run“ (Minimize app to system tray and Open Automatically at system startup). Cheers!!
  8. Hey @Mwaters, Please let us know the below-mentioned details so that I can get it tested for you: On which device are you using Enpass? Which version of Enpass, OS and Browser are you using? Are you facing the same problem with other browsers too? List the Web pages/sites on which you are getting this issue. Cheers!!
  9. Hi @rfgamaral, Thank you for reporting this bug. This issue has been reproduced and our team is working towards its resolution, it will be fixed in the future updates of Enpass. Your patience is highly appreciated here.
  10. Hi @Mrs. McMillan, Welcome to the Enpass community. In order to access/migrate the same database of your Older Mac to New Mac you need to sync your database with each other by following steps: Open Enpass on your Old Mac and go to Enpass settings --> Click on 'Vaults' --> Select the PRIMARY vault---> Select ‘Set up Sync’ and choose a cloud account to your database. Enter your cloud account details, follow the instructions, and wait till the sync is done (for more information about this step refer to this link). Download the Enpass App on your New Mac-> “Welcome Screen“ will appear--> Click on “Restore existing data”. Choose the same cloud account from which you had enabled sync on your device as in step 1--> Enter the credentials --> Enter the Master Password -->Click on “Restore“. Once the sync is done, the database from your Old Mac will be synced with your New Mac.
  11. Hey @Mwaters, Let me help you with this. Follow the below-mentioned steps and do let me know if it worked for you. Go to iOS Settings--> Passwords & Accounts --> AutoFill Passwords and turn on the AutoFill Passwords. Also, make sure you select the Enpass from the provided options to allow auto-filling (as shown in the screenshot below). Enpass integrates directly into Safari as an extension and does auto-filling for you. First, you will have to enable its browser extension. Also, refer to this link from our user manual regarding Autofill with Safari Browser.
  12. Hi @Anthony, Please follow these troubleshooting steps and let me know if the problem persists. Make sure to take a complete backup of Enpass data and save it locally(in the device which has all the Enpass data saved). Disconnect the Onedrive sync from all your devices. Open Onedrive app or in the browser → Go to App → Open Enpass folder → Select vault.enpassdbsync file → Rename it as oldvault.enpassbdsync. Now open Enpass, re-setup the sync with OneDrive on all the devices and check. If sync starts to work fine, you can delete the renamed old backup file from Onedrive. Error Code: 1204060 comes when there is a SSL CERTIFICATE ERROR FROM SERVER SIDE. Cheers!
  13. Hi @qbits, Welcome to the Enpass community. After investigation, we found that Windows 11 is working as expected with the latest Enpass version on our end. Please share the following details so that I can assist you better in this. What is the OS build number of your windows 11? Have you restored some database after which it doesn't respond or just after a fresh install? The total number of items in your Enpass? Are you using any cloud service for synchronization? Share the screenshot of the error you are facing, if possible. Cheers!
  14. @mazen3ssam21, Thank you for reaching out to us. I am happy to know that issue has been resolved for you. Please share the following details so that I can assist you better. Which Enpass version you are using on your device. (Whether it is Website or Store Version). On which browser you are facing this issue? Can you please clarify what are you suggesting from “Not recognized in Webform". Is it, you are not getting an option to save webform, or is it some other issue? Also, I would like to share that it will not show the Save webform option as it is shown only for forms that have password fields in them. The above mentioned website does not have a password field so the save webform option is unavailable. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us along with the screenshots. I have duly noted these points and forwarded them to our concerned team for further consideration. Cheers!!
  15. Hi @mazen3ssam21, Welcome to the Enpass community. After a thorough investigation with our concerned team, I found that the identity auto-filling of all the fields for the above-mentioned site is working as expected on our end. I would suggest you to update the Enpass App and Enpass extension version to its latest version. Do let me know if this worked for you.
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