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  1. I've been using the personal version for a while and I'm happy with it. I use it for personal and work password management. Needs change though, and I now need to share work passwords with another worker at work. For obvious reasons I don't want to share my personal passwords. So how can I do this? Do I have 2 vaults and set my instance up to open both personal and work but for my coworker just open the work instance? With myself and one other accessing a vault at work should I stay with the Personal version? What does Business bring to the table? Is there a comparison chart of personal vs business?
  2. In most cases access is via a VPN and the VPN isn't always in use. Windows can be quite stupid when an application cannot access a drive which would be the case most of the time. No way for Enpass to store and use the credentials and not go down the mounted drive path?
  3. I have a private cloud server. On that server I have a share set up The share requires a login/password to connect to it. In Windows 10 I access the share using the login/password using File Explorer In enpass I set up my vault to use that share. Enpass syncs. reboot Enpass cannot sync to the vault. In Windows 10 I access the share using the login/password using File Explorer Then Enpass can sync. How do I get enpass to log onto the vault connection?
  4. I have a vault set up on a private cloud share folder. How can I set up enpass to automatically enter a login/password for that connection?
  5. When I'm tagging one or multiple entries and I Add Tags there isn't a pulldown list with auto search, IE as type the tag name the list of available tags is limited to those that start with what I enter.
  6. The beta appears to have fixed it. Thanks!
  7. I've been evaluating enpass using the brave browser. IIRC, when I first started using it I was asked to allow an unknown browser (clicked accept). Today it again popped up the message window. I click on accept but that takes me back to the same message window. Bottom line - accept doesn't allow the browser. I was using the portable. So I installed the desktop but that didn't make a difference. I also turned off Authorize Browsers with Verified Code ... to no effect. Running v6.8.2 (1085) on Win 10 Pro.
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