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  1. Merging changes that have been made while some devices were still connected to another cloud provider. If you want to change clouds, first update all devices, before changing any contents. In the listing above, your third step should have been your second one. As soon as you disconnect from a cloud service, you have multiple vaults. One on all devices connected to the new cloud, and another one on those still connected with the old one.
  2. You can buy via in-app purchase on your phone. Wechat pay does not work anywhere outside of china. But I don't think you need a US account to use PayPal. They will exchange your currency for US dollar the moment you pay.
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't have expected this to work. You should make sure to have all your sync connections updated before making changes to fault again, and if you can't, reset Enpass on any outdated devices and do a fresh sync. Also, do not delete the the data from your old cloud before disconnecting the last device. Once you click "disconnect" on a sync connection, you end up with two separate vaults that you shouldn't expect to come nicely together again if they differ. Of more importance is that you even risk losing your password if you try to login on an different device before the sync is complete. Using an entry updates it's last used date, which updates the entry, resulting in it being overwritten with this "latest" version of the entry.
  4. Yes, I was using the same Apple ID for Enpass that is configured in the system settings, and I would like to state that this wasn't in question if Enpass accessed the iCloud through the operating system's APIs, as it would obviously use that same connection without even asking for a login. "Sign-in with Apple" is not used by Enpass, so it can't be revoked. That single sign-in service is for third-party user accounts, not apps. If you meant to ask if the iCloud and the switch to allow Enpass to use the iCloud is enabled in system settings, the answer is yes.
  5. In this case it was Enpass 6.8.4 from the Mac App Store on macOS 10.15.7 (older iMac). The Browser is Safari 15.6.1, but as I said, you normally don't need a browser login on macOS at all to access iCloud.
  6. I already did but got either misunderstood or ignored. 1. I already described the problem with iCloud here, but you just gave me an FAQ link, which of course I already read, because I investigate on issues before posting. I also wrote about what I think is the root of the problem, but you don't seem to have read it. Other users on that threat also wrote that following the FAQ tip did not solve the problem. 2. Regarding my WebDAV problems, I opened three tickets (not at the same time). Two of them got deleted without notice. The third one, ECS-31081, got aknowledged after I complained on the forums. I'm still waiting for a fix. 3. Regarding the support, you already seem to be in that state of big companies, where a phalanx of supporters "protect" the developers from customers. The problem being that those supporters know nothing about the inner workings of the product. Developers should at least sometimes read the forums themselves, so they can learn about problems firsthand. The problem described in this thread (new entries overwritten with older ones) should not have happened at all. It is an obvious sign of bad software design. 4. In all Desktop versions, Categories and Tags are sometimes missing from the sidebar. This seems to happen mostly when startup takes longer than usual, so I guess it's a race condition. Enpass needs to be restarted for them to show up again. The iOS version sometimes displays wrong website icons on several entries after new items have been synced to the device. The correct icons re-appear after scrolling them out of screen and back. These are rather small errors, but they have existed for several versions now. I'm a coder myself, so I know what I'm talking about. You should stop developing new features for a while and focus on optimizations and bug fixing.
  7. This doesn't work for long and I told you why. As I already said, Enpass is the only app with this problem. iCloud sessions do not expire for other apps or Enpass on iOS. If you would access the iCloud the same way on macOS as you do on iOS, this problem would not exist. Maybe the way you access the iCloud is the only way on Windows and Linux, but at least on macOS you should access it by means of the operating system.
  8. The way Enpass connects to the iCloud on iOS is the right way to do it. The macOS version uses a different approach, which might allow you to set it up with a different account, but also causes the session timeout problem, because it's not the way it's meant to be done by Apple. Furthermore you shouldn't share accounts with your wife. Encourage her to get her own ones.
  9. I think I will be going back to 1Password soon. Enpass is just a bundle of bugs. It has the better concept, but the developers obviously don't know what they're doing. iCloud sync is buggy, WebDAV is buggy, data gets lost. Support is bad, tickets get deleted, and there is no way for customers to talk to the developers directly.
  10. Enpass is the only app with this problem. It is also the only app which creates its own session through a web browser. Why doesn't it use the operating system's APIs to access iCloud like every other app? This problem only exists because Enpass uses iCloud in a way it isn't meant to be used. Normally, if the Mac is properly connected with an Apple ID, applications don't need any additional authentication at all to access iCloud.
  11. Hardware keys can never beat a good passphrase. They will either be cracked some day or be destroyed, resulting in data loss.
  12. I just answered your followup questions via email. However, I really would like to know why my previous tickets were just deleted.
  13. No, you don't. Just post your whole life publicly on the internet and be done with it. Until this happens. If you don't care about your privacy and security, noone can help you.
  14. Why don't you display real, meaningful error messages instead of those cryptic numbers?
  15. I'm crossposting this here because it's possible. Don't know why threads are allowed at this level when there is a sub-forum for everything.
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