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    IOS 9.3.5 enpass 6.0.1 autofill not working.

    I just installed 6.0.2 on my iPad running IOS9.3 Still no autoflll, Enpass does not work with the safari on IOS9.3 This is getting anoying, pretty useless, upgrading killed my perfectly working iPad without any warning. after 2 weeks no solution ! If this is not fixed soon I need to consider some other password management system !
  2. eddieb

    IOS 9.3.5 enpass 6.0.1 autofill not working.

    Tnx for this update, I am looking forward to this.
  3. eddieb

    IOS 9.3.5 enpass 6.0.1 autofill not working.

    kick ...
  4. Hi, latest enpass does not crash anymore on IOS 9.3.5 but now autofill does not work with safari. from enpass safari starts but no password ... Safari on IOS 9.3.5 does not have the password-autofill-option like the later IOS versions have ... Enpass browser is missing badly, that worked like a charm, so, still an unusable situation on older IOS devices.
  5. Really ? The new version does not sync on the same way as the old one did. As my MacBook and iPhone are running Google Drive Sync the old version does not sync anymore
  6. IOS 10 ? That really SUCKS, I paid for the IOS version, I did not get ANY warning about any update, this is NOT what I want !!! My Ipads are running IOS 9.3.5 and are working fine for me, but ENPASS forcing me into a terrible update with an UGLY interface, leaving me with useless devices SUCKS ! Create some workaround to enable the use on IOS 9.3.5 or I am forced to switch to an other password manager Eddie
  7. Hi, with enpass 6 it seems sync to google drive is not working properly. inside enpass it looks like sync is working but the timestamp of Enpass/sync_default.walletx is not updating Eddie
  8. Same problem here on my iPad 2 (MC769NF/A), running IOS 9.3.5 (13G36). Updated automaticly from Enpass 5 to Enpass 6 thru the appstore. Now I am unable to use the passwords stored in Enpass Enpass 5 worked fine please fix this asap ?