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  1. I'm also finally able to install the latest beta build. Good job to Enpass team !
  2. Same situation here. onePlus one, lineageOS 15.1, safetyNet ok and device certified on the Plat store. The beta update doesn't show up.
  3. Hi @JamesBond, Could you detail what modification you did and what ROM are you running on your device ? I'm on LineageOS 15.1 and my device passes SafetyNet checks. So it might certainly be one part of the problem, but it might not be the whole story. Thanks.
  4. With play store direct link, google store (website) tells me that my device is incompatible and won't let me install (or update actually). This incompatibility is the reason that Enpass won't appear anymore in the store (app). The question is why is it incompatible ? Android version shouldn't be an issue on 8.1. Is it hardware related ? Btw i mentioned Netflix because it has the same behavior for some phones, they have a page about that, but it might be for unrelated reasons.
  5. Hello, with enpass 6 release i updated my various devices right away since it use a different safe than enpass 5. Unfortunately i can't find enpass anymore in the play store on my phone. It is a onePlus one running Lineage OS 15.1 (Android 8.1). I don't know if the disappearance dates from enpass release, but enpass 5 had no issue to update to 5.6.9 back when it was released. Any idea of the reason ? is it intentional ? is it because of a lack of backward compatibility somehow ? will it be fixed ? As a last resort I tried the last beta version i could find on apkmirror and it launched without any issue (i didn't synced it however). Downloading apk on third party websites for netflix may be ok, but i would like to avoid it for my password manager... Btw i bought the pro version on android, if that changes anything.
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