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  1. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, thank you for your answer. I would like to auto-fill in the desktop applications. With mojave it worked, didn't it? is there a chance that it will work again in the future?
  2. Thank you. I have now selected another key, Enpass can now be opened with the hotkey. Pasting the password works in the browser, but not in other apps, for example evernote. the password is not applied. I have to copy and paste the login data with copy and paste now.
  3. after moving from my macbook pro (Mojave) to MacMini (Catalina 10.15.6) enpass can no longer be started with the global hotkey, not even with a right click on the mouse. But in the browser (Safari) it works. I have deleted enpass and reinstalled it, it does not work. Enpass is installed in the menu bar, but cannot be started with the hotkey. Can anyone help me? Thanks :-)
  4. enpass works if it has been stopped in taskmanager and restarted.
  5. I use Windows 10 with Parallels 13/iMac. After Windows has been put into standby, enpass cannot be started anymore (an empty window appears with the title enpass). Enpass must be quit in the task manager and then restarted. Re-installation did not work.
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