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  1. Open my the Enpass app this morning in my Android phone (Moto X Pure, Android 7.0) so that I can login to my router to change a few settings. Found out the app was auto updated to v6 (I had auto-update turned on in Google Play). App looked great at first. Entered my master password and thought I would be good to go. A few seconds into the app I was horrified that my passwords (100+) are missing. I saw this so called "Primary" vault with nothing in it. I thought maybe I just need to setup the sync to my Onedrive account to retrieve my passwords. So I went ahead and setup the sync. The app crashed 3-4 times along the way (not a good sign). Neverheless, I was able to setup the link but my passwords are still missing. Frustration sets in. I opened the Enpass v6 user guide looking for answer. Nothing there. So I went to this forum for help. Luckily there were already people here having similar question and issue. There are instructions from Enpass on how to restore your password from v5 to v6. Instruction says to download the v5 wallet file from my OneDrive account into my local storage and perform a restore. I couldn't find the restore option on the "Primary" vault. So I proceeded to create a new vault and the restore option was then available. Selected my wallet file to be restored and Enpass asked for my master password. Entered my password thinking this was the end to my misery. Bad luck. Enpass crashed. Reopened the app and tried it again. Same result. I sent the crash log to Enpass after it crashed over and over again. I have opened a support ticket as well but it will be a while before I hear back. The app on my Win 10 PC was also auto-updated to v6. I tried to perform the restore there but ended with same result. The app crashed. This is such a bad experience that prompted me to to share it here. Enpass is supposed to help me manage and protect my passwords. Turns out, it can also lock me out of my passwords. Communication is glaringly missing here. Enpass has failed to communicate such a big change with v6 to its user base. Especially, the fact that v6 won't sync up passwords from the old version and we have to perform a restore in order to get our passwords into the new version. PS: I was able to go back to Enpass v5 to get my passwords back.
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