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  1. You can download the previous versions of Enpass from this link - thanks to Enpass support for providing this directly to me. Thought I'd share it wider on this thread. I've not managed to reinstate Autofill from Chrome though.. doesn't appear to be able to connect to the Enpass app via local websocket any more but atleast I now have 5.6.9 and can try out v6 in my own time.. just remember to turn off autoupdate until you're ready to take the plunge! The multi-vault feature in v6 is something I'm looking forward to as I use Enpass for work and personal, so keeping those separated is a positive feature IMHO.
  2. @Vinod Kumar - can you please publish the original version 5 enpass packages on the relevant stores asap. That way we can stick on v5 until the v6 upgrade problems are fixed. I have backups and an export (CSV inside an encrypted zip) from v5 because reading the reviews and comments here has, very sadly, brought me to conclude that your company cannot be trusted to safely take your customer base to a new major version. It must be frustrating to build a new version that you're all no doubt very proud of, only to have the upgrade process of getting there so poor and so difficult. Buy yourself some time with your loyal customers and give us the option of staying on v5 for a while and then we can try out your new work in v6 independently and see if it's worth paying you for the new features. I would not like to see enpass fail because of this upgrade fiasco. Make it right and do so quickly please! Please reply to this with a list of locations where v5 can be found. Thank you.
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