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  1. This topic is relevant only to Desktop apps, so feel free to upgrade your mobile apps
  2. Hey, I've signed up here just to reply to this topic. I have the same concerns - I'm very disappointed, because Desktop version was always free with all features included and it was one of the main reason for me to purchase Android app (don't actually need the mobile Enpass, but just wanted to pay for such a great product). Today I noticed that new version of Enpass is available, it looked for me like a great New Year gift. But when I opened the updated app on my MacOS, I realised that some key features which have been always available all the time for free (like Touch ID) - they suddenly became Premium. This is really confusing me. What I need to expect next? Version 7.0.0 will extract Cloud sync feature in some Super Premium plan and I will have to pay again, right? This must not work like this - this is just a cheating, it's not a right way to suddenly make free features non-free and ask user to pay for it to earn more money. This is weird to see that Enpass developers cannot merge purchases from other platforms - this is just another and very convenient reason for them to make people to buy their product again. I can leave without Touch ID on my desktop version, OK. But I cannot trust Enpass like it was before version 6 upgrade, very upset with this situation. Thinking about moving to another password manager Thanks
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