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  1. I'm just trying to Export ALL my passwords in a jason extension. Every time I choose File>Export then choose Format or File (.json) >Choose Location >File name > Save. No matter where I save it too, no file exists. How do I Export my passwords? Thanks, Robert
  2. Hey, peterpan. If you are using v8, my suggestion is to download v7 and activate it, and hopefuly, you can do what the steps I have posted to export ALL your passwords into Enpass. Like I posted earlier, Store Enpass v6 works well...in both Chrome and Edge. Do not know about Firefox. Good luck, Robert P.S. Ever time I Clean Install Win xxxx, Roboforms v7 just activates. Never had a problem; as long as you have a Lifetime License.
  3. Win 10 Pro x64 v1809 Where does Enpass store all my protected info on my laptop? Thanks, Robert
  4. Can't help there as I do not want v8. Doesn't it store ALL your passcards in the Cloud? Isn't v8 yearly subscription? I want it on my computer where only I have access to everything and have a lifetime license...1 time payment. Just trying to help where I can. I know v7 is outdated, but it worked for me for so long but it's time to move on to a newer software. That's why I have been looking for a new Password Manager. Came across Enpass from a review at gHacks. Robert
  5. Hey guys. Just installed the Store version. Had problems too with importing from RoboForms v7.9.28.8. Here is how I got it to import all 500 passcards. 1) Open RobForms Editor and and click on the icon on the top left. 2) Go to Print List>logins. 3) Enter the Master Password and click on OK. This was the problem with the earlier post. You have to unlock the passcards FIRST. 4) When the RoboForms Logins List appears hit Save. (You will be able to see your sites show username, password, etc.) 5) Save to Desktop as a HTML format and name the file. I used Passwords. 6) Go to Enpass and go to File>Import. 7) Choose RoboForms. 8) Make sure that first box has Login (Windows) HTML. 9) Browse to your Desktop and select the the icon NOT the file. Mine has Chrome icon. 10) Hopefully, Continue will be available. If it is, click on it and just wait until ALL your passcards are imported and Enpass says Done or whatever. 11) Finished! Mine works just like RoboForms did in both Chrome and Edge. Good luck, Robert
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