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  1. Not sure the internals of your program but i would've used the AppService API for UWP and registered my app as a native messaging host for chrome and firefox,
  2. sorry Hemat Kumar but I tend to agree with charly1310 on this one. I purchased the UWP version to use on my tablet for the sole reason that bridged apps tend to be glitchy when windows 10 is in tablet mode. The browser integration was not a big deal to me, after 35 years on a computer I have become quite proficient with copy and paste. I reset my tablet today, an issue unrelated to your software, only to find that I cannot even download the UWP version that I paid for because it has been disabled for windows 10 desktop. I was happy with the 5.x.x.x version and didn't need nor want to upgrade. I'm not disputing that a new license is required for added version 6 features, you have to monetize your software in order to stay profitable, but I do dispute with you the fact that I cannot download a version I bought and paid for even if upgrades for it are disabled. I have purchased the blackberry , android, ios, and UWP versions of your software but now I feel as though people that have supported you are not a priority since we cannot download the software we paid for.
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