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  1. Hallo in die Runde, es wurde ein Update auf Version 6.3.2 bereitgestellt. Dieses sollte das Sync-Problem beheben. Jedenfalls bei mir funktioniert es wieder.
  2. I updated to Version 6.3.2. Now it seems to be working.
  3. Same with me. I already had contact to the support. It seems to be a bigger problem for the Enpass team, they recommend using a different cloud service.
  4. Hello, it is not possible for me to restore my PRO purchase on my iPAD because the option is missing. How do I enter my email address? When I press "Restore purchase", the message "No purchase found" appears. There is nothing to recover. ..."
  5. How can I duplicate an entry? Means: Copy the entry and paste. Thanks. Sven
  6. Any proposals? Hi @Anshu kumar Please forgive me for expressing myself so badly: There is a backup function within Custom: Settings - Automatic Backups. And this is what I mean. Thanks in advance for constructive advice.
  7. How do I change the Automatic Update settings? Thanks Sven Enpass 6.0.6 (322) Store Version Premium Version Windows 10
  8. How can I change the Storage Location from "c:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Packages\SinewSoftwareSystems.EnpassPasswordManager_fwdy0m65qb6h2\LocalState" to a different folder? Thanks Sven Enpass 6.0.6 (322) Store Version Premium Version Windows 10
  9. Thank you for pointing that out. With reference to the original mail: I tried it several more times and in the meantime I was successful. I was able to purchase the premium features.
  10. Happy New Year to everyone. Enpass Team, you have a great product! If you now optimize your marketing and sales processes, it's almost perfect.
  11. True words worth paying attention to! @ Sinew Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.: Enpass is an excellent product, do not break it by not functioning sales processes!
  12. What do you mean with "sometime"? Please could you be a little more precise. Thanks, Telenic
  13. OK, here are the facts: fresh purchase, Windows 10, Enpass 6, credit card is valid! But, come on: Don't play the ball back, but please solve the problem! What can I do with the statement: This is a "problem in particular platform store"? I want to BUY the Pro version, so thanks for a speedy support.
  14. The inapp purchase to the pro version doesn´t work. I get the message: "An error occurred during the upgrade to the Pro version. Please try again." I did it and I get the same result.
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