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  1. After setting up the new vault - It never opens the icloud login page on clicking 'Setup sync' - Attached is the image Enpass details - Version - 6.3.3 (584) Date & time settings are automatic & set as - time.asia.apple.com OS Version - Catalina MacOs 10.15.2 (19C57)
  2. Hi, I am unable to restore anything from Icloud - Whenever i click on "Restore from icloud" - It throws an error. Attached is the screenshot.
  3. Hi @Anshu kumar It has been almost 2 months, Problem very much remains the same - Can you kindly reply back ???? Thanks
  4. Hi @Anshu kumar Any ETA when this will put in the release cycle ? Thanks
  5. Vipul


    I also agree with above Developer comments - I was never a paid user for enpass & recently i decided to become a paid member, I would say, I was tricked as they released a paid feature for MACOS using fingerprinting. Nevertheless, Since the day i actually brought it, I never felt happy how dev's/qa team in enpass does their work. Every version have bugs - Sometimes it messed up browser-auth feature or sometimes the way it syncs. Not to be a promoter of 1P which my org. uses for password management & which never broke at all while using. It is quite advisable to point out, That team enpass needs better QA TEAM and should have awesome Test-Automation Suite & Smoke Tests to eradicate such errors. It's a good product, Don't kill it - Please.
  6. Hi, After the recent release - I'm unable to copy from enpass when opened in 'Windowed Mode' [ alt+command+e ]. This is happening only if you are copying something from NOTES FILE using command+c. In order to copy anything, I have to go ahead and open the complete enpass application and click on the edit to open the NOTES.
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