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  1. Thank you Vinod Kumar for the update from Enpass. FYI, it would be even better if you posted it in a way that would send a notification email to everyone involved. Can't wait until you find the fix for the update bug.
  2. Thank you, Golfball. I tried the Windows.......Repair which checked itself as if successful. It was not. Then tried running as Administrator. Still didn't work. But I appreciate the ideas.
  3. Having the same problem on Windows 10. Worked perfectly through July 5, then July 6 refused to open. All I get is error message: "EnpassBridge.exe - Application Error. Application unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close." Can't tell you the version I am running because I can't open the app to find out. Tried moving and saving my info, then uninstalling and a clean install. Still will not open, same error message. Running as administrator does not work for me. Very frustrating and a setback to my work. HELP?
  4. Having exactly the same problem. I can't even read all of my information because words are doubled over it. Everything out of whack. Everything was working great until forced to update to V6.0.1. Hoping for a solution from Enpass........I found the suggestion to update the drivers for Intel display on another forum topic; successfully updated my drivers but it did nothing to help this problem.
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