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  1. I posted in another thread about this issue, and it does seem to absolutely be a High DPI Scaling issue in Windows 10. Setting the scaling to my monitor to 100% and rebooting my computer, the UI looked just fine, and when I scaled everything back to 150%, and rebooted, the UI looked messed up again. To fix it temporarily, Open Task Manager and kill the "Enpass Password Manager" application running in the background. Scale your display to 100% in Display Settings Open Enpass Scale your display back to whatever scaling you had set previously. This will only last for your current Windows session, but should make the application usable.
  2. I can confirm that after scaling my screen back to 150%, and rebooting, the UI looks garbled again.
  3. This appears to be 100% a High DPI Scaling issue. I set the scaling to 100% on my 4K monitor, and rebooted windows. Once I logged back in, the UI looks fine. I am now going to set my scaling back to 150%, reboot and check the UI.
  4. This is exactly the same thing that I am seeing. I have posted this in another thread, but I will post here as well.
  5. I too am seeing some kind of display issue. I have tried turning off the scaling on my 4k monitor and it still looks horrible. I can't get anything set up because the buttons are messed up.
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