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  1. Hi ever since upgrading I have noticed that when Enpass starts up in the background upon logging into my Win 10 workstation .. the process is ridiculously slow relative to the previous version. It seems to take a full 5 seconds vs. less than 1 second to 1 second in the previous version. During the startup process a modal window pops up in the background of my monitor .. so for example if i just logged in and I am in the process of logging into to my vpn client for remote work, my login process is interrupted. Please fix this .. the enpass program should start quickly and seamlessly in the background causing very little delay in the boot/login process - just quickly start and the icon appears in the notification/icon area next to the clock in the lower right hand corner.
  2. The open automatically at startup option isn't working properly. #1 I have the option unchecked yet the program starts automatically (so this feature seems to be broken completely) ? #2 in previous version you had the option to open at startup BUT to open minimized to the icon area (this option seems to be missing) ?
  3. I agree this needs to be fixed .. program is unusable. Problem didn't exist prior to this latest upgrade !
  4. Just upgraded to v6.0.1 (239) and the text scaling is way off. When you navigate the menus the mouse pointer does align properly with the intended menu selection. The text is out of alignment within the enpass application screen. This problem didn't exist prior to the latest upgrade Do yo test before you push these things out ?! PLEASE FIX the program is unusable !
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