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  1. I did exactly what you said. What's more, this time it was not in a VM but in truly installed Linux Mint 19.1, although from there I can access all the files and folders of Windows, which is where the VM would also access the Enpass vault. It still did not work with freshly installed Enpass on my freshly installed LM 19.1, so I'll export my Keepass database and import into Enpass, as I did before. That is the only instance of Enpass I'll be using, so synching is not necessary.

    Many thanks for you time and patience.

  2. 54 minutes ago, xarekate said:

    @xarekate You say there is a lot of stuff, but all that "stuff" has been put there by Enpass.

    There are now 3 Enpass folders which is very confusing. After synching the 1st time to Enpass/Enpass it must have created the 3rd Enpass folder with that "vault.enpassdbsync" file in the 3rd folder.

    When nothing happened I changed the sync path to the 1st Enpass folder only, which probably meant it put another "vault.enpassdbsync" file in the 2nd folder.

    So I don't understand to which Enpass folder the sync should point; neither do I understand which Enpass folder should be set for the Data location. BTW, the 1st Enpass folder, i.e. the main one (i.e. parent and grandparent of the other 2 Enpass folders) was created by me.

    Another thing I don't understand is since there is a "vault.enpassdbsync" file in folder 2 and in folder 3, Enpass should have been able to sync. It  was not.

    I have no uncommon characters or spaces in the names or paths, although the folders are located in Linux as follows: /media/sf_Daily_files/Enpass/Enpass/Enpass/Enpass, bearing in mind the contents of folders 2 and 3 as described before. sf_Daily_files refers to a shared folder between Windows and Linux in a VM.


  3. 9 minutes ago, xarekate said:

    @Klaas Vaak Maybe you could describe your issue with more details? I don't quite get what exactly is not working with folder sync now.

    @xarekate Right now the installed Enpass app is empty. I have a folder with the Enpass vault data in, it was created by Enpass on another machine. In the empty Enpass I have set the Data Location (tab Advanced) to that folder. Furthermore, following your reply above, I have set the vault to sync to that folder too (tab Vaults/Primary/section Synchronize). When I click on the Sync Now button, I would expect the empty Enpass to fill up with the data from the sync folder, but that does not happen: Enpass remains empty.

  4. 17 hours ago, xarekate said:

    @Klaas Vaak

    You just select folder sync when setting up your vault and define the path to your local folder. That’s it. No cloud needed. 

    @xarekate Thanks for bringing the folder sync option to my attention. I did not see it because it is hidden in the cloud sync section. Anyway, I synched my folder, but Enpass still does not pick up the contents of the folder, even when, after synching, I exit and restart Enpass. Strange.

  5. 9 hours ago, Rodanne said:

    Ah, I see.  When you have Enpass on one device open and go to Settings > Auto Backups you will see the location of the Backups folder.  I'd suggest you check that the location is the same on both devices.  If not you can change the location with the button.  Also clicking on the location will take you directly to the Folder contents.

    I got that worked out - I forgot to amend the title with [SOLVED], that's done now.

    What I am really after is by pointing Enpass in both device to the same folder to thus not have to sych. It seems that is not possible.

  6. 2 hours ago, Rodanne said:

    Why do you want access to the data base files?  They can only be read by Enpass anyway.

    I have Enpass installed on 2 OS'es that share the same Enpass folder, and settings in both Enpass versions are pointed to that folder for their data base. So one would expect that bothe versions can then access that data base and no synching is necessary. For some obscure reason they cannot/do not access that folder.

  7. 7 minutes ago, zyghom said:

    Enpass - unlike other password managers - is offering really great ways of using cloud including iCloud, webdav, OneDrive, google - in the worst case scenario you can use any of them if folder sharing is not there, provided your instances have access to internet

    BTW, there is something fundamental I do not understand.

    In the Advanced settings I have set the Data location for all 3 machines as the common folder with the vault, settings and backups that are in there. Still, Enpass in those machines does not pick up the vault and settings: why not?????

  8. That may be so, but I don't like using synchronisation, esp. where passwords are concerned.

    My point was not that folder sharing should be the system instead of synchronisation, but it should be a possibility in addition to synchronisation. Still, the devs have decided otherwise, so I'll have to make do with what there is, which in my case will probably mean manually copying the vault between there 3 machines.

  9. Thanks for your reply.

    In order to use the same database I have to synchronise the 2 machines via the cloud. Right?

    But that's not what I want because those 2 machines are on the same machine. Confused? Let me explain.

    I have Ubuntu in a virtual machine on my Windows host machine, and I also have Linux Mint in a VM on my Windows host machine. I have made a couple of Windows folders shareable with the VMs, and it is in 1 of those folders that the Enpass database is stored. The database was made with Ubuntu. Linux Mint has access to that folder too, as does Windows.

    So, is there a possibility that both Linux Mint Enpass and Windows Enpass have access to that database, without having to synchronise via the cloud? I do not want to use synchronisation, and having 1 common folder with 1 common database is 1 way to avoid that. But is it possible???

  10. 2 hours ago, zyghom said:

    confirmed on 18.04 ;-)

    Got it.

    I posted another question on the forum: having installed Enpass on another Linux machine but with access to the same folders as machine 1, how can I access the existing Enpass database folders?

    Perhaps you know the answer too.

  11. I used Enpass on 1 machine, and have now installed it on another one. I would like to use the database of the 1st machine, but have not found a way in the settings to do so. I use Enpass version 6 on both machines which are Linux.

    Please advise.

  12. On 12/29/2018 at 9:42 AM, Vinod Kumar said:

    @EdvanderMark One of Enpass user @WA3UFN was able to run it with Mint 18. Please refer this thread.


    @VinodKumar just for the record and perhaps other users: I am using Mint 18.3 and had the same problem that Enpass would not launch. I followed your link to WA3UFN, where you recommend

    sudo apt-get install curl libcurl3

    I tried it, and it worked !! Thanks

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