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  1. Not wanting to be redundant with another thread, I'm responding to: "Windows Hello is frequently unavailable". My Windows 10 laptop is totally up to date and, after much aggravation, running Enpass 6.0.2 (241). To be thread specific, I won't go into all the issues I had to weave my way through to get this app (and features) to work again. As for the Windows Hello, the option to fingerprint scan does not appear on initial boot of the Enpass app. The silly smiley face option is not there and I have to enter my password. If I shut the app down and then bring it back up to log in, the smiley face has magically appeared and the biometrics work until I shut my computer down. Next time I power up I'm back to no smiley face on Enpass and a frown on my face. Log out, log in and smiley is back! Shame on the developers of this app for making us pay up front for an app that, performance wise, was still in Beta!! Personally, I have lost several hours of productivity to get an app to work that did everything I needed it to do. Then, having to pay for features like biometrics and dark mode that were previously free just rubs me the wrong way, given the poor roll out of V6. Gentlemen, I've chosen my words carefully so not to have anything censored. I don't mind paying app developers for their efforts but this 6.0 release of what was a fabulous app is nothing short of pathetic and we, the users and consumers, deserve better. The developers of this app owe the Enpass community a huge apology!
  2. In the 2 or 3 times I have corresponded with the Enpass team I have found them to be very responsive to my communications, until this release. My guess (and hope) is that they are aware of the bugs and are frantically working on a solution. Paying for the premium upgrade doesn't bother me. Why should these guys work for free? Just make everything work and display correctly!
  3. I've read other complaints similar to mine. Been using this app for several years on multiple devices going back to Blackberry, Windows L950, iPhone Xs, and various laptops. I sparingly use a 5 year old Dell laptop running the latest Windows 10 release (non beta) and, after a rough start, the new Enpass 6 version works but is slow to boot. However, I mainly use a 3 month old Acer Spin 5 i7 8GB 256GB SSD that has run every app flawlessly until I upgraded the Enpass yesterday. There is now major misalignment with text and "boxes" making the app difficult to use. There's an issue with this app and communication on when we can expect a fix is appreciated. Thanks.
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