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  1. Thank you for confirming it. Is there any workaround to this or anyone working on this? Without it Enpass is quite useless..I am using bitwarden and does work flawlessy. I would switch completely and never look back if I didn't bough all the premium for enpass already..
  2. I am now able to use it, but the "autofill details without showing enpass" does not really work (even here in the forum). expected behaviour: I click the shortcut while I am in the field and I and get my username/password filled in. real behaviour: the enpass extension show me the mini window where I can choose the right username/password. While the real behaviour is expected in the presence of more than one username/password pair, it does appear even when there is only 1 single login item. It is my problem or a general one?
  3. Hi, new user here! Just trying to understand what should I do to have a safari shortcut as "cmd + \" . A manual shortcut is (for now) pretty much ok
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