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  1. After experiencing the Enpass 6.0 upgrade I am out. I already owned B-Folders and it meets my needs for password management. Why I am gone for good: 1) Enpass has always been slow. Slow to load and slow to search, especially on Android. 2) Enpass 6.0 on Linux was a disaster. It is obvious that you don't test on very many Distros. In fact your testing process is severely lacking. 3) You screwed up the search by introducing the different elements to search. You can't search on more than one, and the selection is not "sticky" on Android, so you must always select Fields before you search. I haven't seen many people complaining about this, but it is a big step backwards. 4) The desktop UI looks like a mobile app and is poorly laid out. Edit icon is in the wrong place. Duplicate is buried in some dot dot dot menu where it used to be a right-click away. Why would you take features away that were excellent and make the application ugly? The desktop can do more, so the app should take advantage of that. 5) I'm not sure what Enpass is written in, but it is huge, a memory hog, and slow. Have some pride in your work and write some efficient code. If you keep releasing upgrades that are as poorly tested and buggy as this one, you are going to drive customers away. I can see the review ratings dropping now. Do NOT be a company that shoves the product out the door prematurely and then slowly fixes things, using the customers as beta testers.When Enpass came out it had an unbeatable set of features and wide multi-platform support, which is why I bought it. It still has that advantage, but you screwed me on the 6.0 upgrade and I am not coming back.
  2. I am about ready to bail on this product. The release 6 upgrade is a disaster on Linux Mint, and apparently other Distros. I went through the "libcurl" issue and found a solution posted here (install libcurl3). The next issue was not being able to set up sync with Dropbox. The problem is when you "allow" the access in Dropbox it generates a new tab with a "enpassauth://" URL, and the browser says it doesn't know what to do with it. This was on 18.3, and Enpass would start fine and the GUI worked - just the sync was broken. I updated to Mint 19, and it was still broken exactly the same way. I finally found a work around where you enter the URL from the browser as a parameter to Enpass on the command line. So now I try to install on a desktop system running Mint 18. Install goes fine, but the same issue with "libcurl" happens. Fix that by installing "libcurl3". Now the GUI will start, but once you enter the password, anything you click will lock the entire desktop. You cannot get a console with Alt-F1. The only thing I could get to work was forcing a reboot with Alt-SysReq-B. Based on all the scaling problems being reported, I assume this is due to the higher resolution display on the desktop. The laptop that works is 1440 x 900, and the desktop is full HD. Is this a known issue? Is anyone else having a similar problem? I really like this product, especially the very reliable sync with Dropbox. I have already spent 8 - 10 hours to get this far and this problem is much harder to troubleshoot. Nothing in Syslog BTW.
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