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  1. Thank you I made some changes to test. And you're right (of course you would be!) its syncing just fine.
  2. I first want to say thanks for the hard work on Enpass 6. It really looks good and latest beta runs much better than in the past (especially on Android!) Don't know if this is the best place to post this but I looked around and didn't see a similar problem. I have the latest Enpass beta installed on Kubuntu 18.10. Sync with Google drive works initally when its authorized through browser. But subsequent requests fail. Attached is a screenshot that shows it was originally synced at 4:46 this afternoon with last attempt a few seconds ago. Am I the first to ask about this? I haven't tried it with OneDrive or another cloud yet. Nor have I tried it on another Distro. Not that big a deal. I'll keep on using it. If I know I have to sync something new, I'll just disconnect and reconnect. But want to report it anyway.
  3. Question about keyfile support. I'm trying out the beta builds for Linux, Android and Windows traditional. It appears that the keyfile must have a .enpasskey extension. I always felt that keyfile authentication helped with security because it can be disguised as a random file. Like a photo, or a powerpoint demonstration, etc. By using the .enpasskey extension, its clear to anyone what that file is used for. Am I missing something? I can't seem to use anything other than a .enpasskey file. I don't want to come off as ungrateful though. I do thank you for your product. Been using it for at least a couple years now. Just wondering if there are plans to support any file type.
  4. Hi Vinod... I just signed up for the beta program using Linux platform. Just wondering will the new xdg-open method will be part of the beta at some point? I'll look for the workaround mentioned.
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