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  1. The Edge extension is working now, thanks. Nice to finally have this extension. Enpass is back to being my favorite password mgr. Actually, I already had Enpass Password Manager 5.6.2 (Bridge App) installed. But the ver. 5.6.0 UWP app plus another older version were also installed and interfered with the extension. I cleaned up the mess manually. Please consider adding a prompt to optionally clean up (remove) other versions of the desktop app during install of the new bridge app.
  2. I installed the new Enpass browser extension for Microsoft Edge. I also installed the latest Enpass 32-bit desktop app and selected "Enable browser extensions" in settings. Unfortunately, I continue to get the Enpass Connection Error (see screenshots). I see this issue was addressed in earlier posts for Chrome and Firefox. Hopefully we can now resolve it for Edge. Windows 10 Pro: 1709 16299.19 (FCU) Microsoft Edge: 41.16299.15.0 Enpass desktop app: 5.6.0 Enpass extension: 5.5.1 Troubleshooting Steps Taken: Uninstall/reinstall Enpass browser extension for Microsoft Edge Close/reopen Microsoft Edge browser and Enpass desktop app Uncheck/recheck "Enable browser extensions"
  3. Congratulations! I've been looking forward to this extension.
  4. I had the same question. When the option says "Minimize to system tray" is should function as described by disappearing from the task bar and moving to the system tray when you minimize the Win32 app. Otherwise, to avoid confusion, the option should say "Close to system tray" or "Minimize to system tray when closed" or "Minimize to system tray on startup". Thanks.
  5. Hello. Enpass cloud sync using OneDrive usually works very well for me. But this morning I experienced the problem of some changes made in the traditional Win32 desktop application not syncing to other devices (Windows tablet and Lumia 950). When I tried manual sync, the phone and tablet would fail repeatedly. "Last attempt" time updated, but "Last synchronized" date remained old. Then, I opened the Windows 10 UWP app on my PC, entered the same changes I had made in the Win32 app, manually sync'ed, then tried to sync the phone and tablet again--and they both worked! So, it appears the Win32 application causes problems with cloud sync in my case--although the cause and workaround could be different for others. Desktop: W10 1607 build 10.0.14393.187 | Enpass (UWP) 5.1.6 | Enpass (Win32) Tablet: W10 1607 build 10.0.14393.187 | Enpass (UWP) 5.1.6 Phone: W10 1607 build 10.0.14393.189 | Enpass (UWP) 5.1.6
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