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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply. It seems I have found a remedy for this problem. I have completely uninstalled Enpass, removed all data that I have found on my computer created from enpass and then installed it again. After importing my saved vault data and configuration of the syncronization it seems as if it is running now stable. There must have been some corrupted data that cause those crashes. I Haven't had a crash for a few hours now, that really looks great so far. I'll test this now for a couple of more days and let you know whether I experience more spontaneous crashes or whether it's running stable now. Best regards
  2. Hi Vinod, I still have trouble with Enpass on WIndows 10. It crashes all the time, right after unlocking it. If I keep it unlocked, it works well. But after locking it, unlocking is followed by an immediate crash. And it seems that only after a reboot of windows I can get it unlocked again without a crash. it happens very often, and it really sucks. I hace 376 items in my vaults, 2 vaults. In case that is helpful to know. I hope you get this fixed soon. I was really hoping that Enpass is a good alternative to 1Password, I want to get away from it. But it it's not running stable, I can't work with it. Thanks, Hans-Jürgen
  3. Hi Vinod, I just checked, it's the latest version. So I wait for an update and hope for the best. Not sure whether the synchronization is the problem, it's just a guess because this is probably the only thing happening in the background and it doesn't seem to crash when I do someting in the UI.
  4. Hi, I have trouble starting the Enpass 6.0 app. I crashes all the time when I start it. The GUI appears, I can unlock it, then it shows the content and suddenly disappears. Where can I find log files to figure out where the problem is? I suspect that it could be related to synchronizing with WebDav. It only happens on Windows 10, on iOS it seems to work ok and also on MAC OS X. Best regards,
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