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  1. Hi @Vinod Kumar @JohnJohnsondescribes the same problem at me (post from yesterday). It is the same folder (and vault) where i have previously synchronized with Enpass 6. Thanks
  2. Hello Vinod I'am a new User by enpass. Thanks a lot for the Version 6 - thats great. But the new iOS version (6.0.1) have a bug with the webdav-sync. When you will connecting an existing vault (on a webdav-server), then don't found enpass the enpass-data. When you make the same with the desktop-version, then will found enpass the data. A new vault can the iOS-App on the webdav-server create. But, when you disconnect this vault, then you can't connect the same vault again. Is the same problem how above. Thanks for your help
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