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  1. I use Vim as my daily text editor and am using a Vim extension in IDEs to work comfortable for some years. Enpass is a password manager which is useable on multiple platforms PC (Windows and Linux) and Android. What I am missing is a vi(m) mode for enpass. Suggestion: Normal Mode and Insert Mode. Navigation with j = down and k = up Entering insert mode over an text field with i and/or a Searching for entries with / , then entering the string and accepting it with enter. Switching focus from the Menu with categories, tags and so on can be realized with h = left and l = right Best regards!
  2. Hello, in the older releases the browser integration had preselected the first entry. Now it does not do that. Would love to see that "feature" back again, so I do not need to select this element myself and can just hit enter. Best regards!
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