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  1. Apple, iMac, Big Sur 11.2.1

    For a few days now, I've been noticing that Enpass seems to have a display problem: When I move the Enpass window from one screen to another, the window becomes "transparent". Most of the time it stays like that until I restart Enpass, sometimes it restores itself after a few moves.

    Does anyone have similar observations? 
    Does anyone know advice?
    Or does Enpass need a BigSur bugfix?

    Thanks + greetings


  2. Hi Pratyush, thank you for your answer.

    Of course, it only helps to a very limited extent, with 1400 entries: Find and delete duplicates manually, entry by entry ...

    But good if you have backups:
    Delete the vault, create a new vault, import the data again, restore the sync, then delete the vault on all devices + restore the sync.

    This is probably the reason why so many people here in the forum would like to have the FIND + REMOVE DUPLICATES feature -_-

    Happy holidays

  3. Hello.

    First of all, praise and appreciation for your great work.

    What I miss since the update to version 6 is in the browser for new accounts a) the support of enpass to create new passwords and b) to save them afterwards in enpass automatically.

    Currently I have to manually create an entry in enpass and create a password there, which I then copy/paste back into the browser form, e.g. when registering for this forum.

    Is this a user error of mine?

    Thanks and greetings

    (Mac OS 10.14.2 + Chrome, Opera, Safari) 


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