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  1. Thanks appreceated. Will try tomorrow. Will the android version then also work?
  2. Thanks for your comments. Could you please provide a little bit more info. Do I need to delete current installation and reinstall from play store? Where do I copy the old file to? I am reasonably IT ok but am not very familiar with the inside workings of enpass. Will my desktop version password then work? Or should I go back to version 5? If so do I need to also copy the vault file to a specific place?
  3. I tried to open enpass this afternoon and it updated automatically to ver 6 sometime in the last few days. It now refuses to recognise my Master password. Not on my Samsung android phone neither on my desktop. This is an absolute disaster! How can an upgrade go so wrong that it locks you out of your own vault. Please sort this out urgently or post a way to get back to previous versions so at least we can get our data back. I also see on this forum that the so-called lifetime license now does not give you the same features as before! Lets then at least have a choice about the version we want to use. The previous version worked fine for me. If anybody has a way to help me solve this mess then any help will be appreciated.
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