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  1. This has been happening for over 6 months now. 1. I'm on lastest version of windows (11 Home 22H2), and using latest version of Edge ( 120.0.2210.144), enpass 6.9.3 (1592) 2. Every webpage, every login... The issue is, every time you try to login to any webpage has Enpass has timed out (or closed), Enpass pops up the Windows Hello box for biometric login. Then, after you successfully login with biometrics (Windows Hello) and select the "OKAY" or "CONTINUE" button, Enpass pops up again and asks you to enter the master password. If you don't enter the master password to open Enpass (after already using Windows Hello), you are unable to autofill usernames, passwords, or any information held in Enpass. This double login is extremely inconvenient, and I find it hard to believe you need specific browser, OS and Enpass info when its been happening for so long (across several updates of Windows, Edge/Chrome, and Enpass)
  2. Why, when you're using Windows hello, do you need to then hit "ok" to unlock the app after it recognizes you? I already authenticated myself, let me in! Even worse, if you don't hit "ok" fast enough, it goes back to looking for you and Windows Hello will no longer work.. please fix this. When I use Hello to get into my phone, it opens the phone I've it recognizes me. That should be enough
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