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  1. Thanks for the update. How silly of me not to see that before. Problem solved!
  2. Sometimes I have multiple items that have some data in common. It would be nice to have a feature to duplicate an item so that one only need only edit the differences rather than retyping data and possibly making mistakes. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Peter
  3. Although I prefer the folder concept that was used in previous versions, I can make tags work in a similar way. What makes tags difficult however, is that they always have to be typed. A drop-down list of tags already in use would prevent the creation of new tags with just slightly different spelling or wording. In particular nested tags are tricky to remember and retype exactly every time. So, my request is for you to please develop a way to select from existing tags when creating a new item or editing an item and only type a tag when a new one is needed. I thank you in advance. Kind regards, Peter
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