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  1. Guys, what's going on? On Windows 10, Enpass crashes right on startup. Everything in current version. On macOS, admittedly it is the current developer beta, the login window always remains white. Reinstall already tried - with the version from the store and from the website - also helps nothing. I bought both versions first - and nothing works at all. That can't be ,...
  2. Yes, I am already aware that the key assignment is different for each region. My # is on the backspace key of a US keyboard. Edit: Oh okay ^^
  3. Ok, is there now a deeper meaning in it? ;-)
  4. I'm German and on a German Keyboard - so # is just at Enter Key, without modifier, on my Keyboard
  5. On my Mac, with Enpass 6.0.3, the global shortcut does not work. I have set CMD+OPT+# as hotkey, the key combination does not show any function. The main window is usually closed, the automatic locking is disabled when the window is closed.
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