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  1. @Anshu kumar, have you tried to reproduce WebDAV issue? BTW since you are obviously don't have enough resources to focus on low priority issues like this, please consider at least adding more meaningful error messages on WebDAV errors. Also it makes sense to add an option in app to collect detailed log with debug information. It will be much easier for us users to provide such a log rather than sniff WebDAV traffic with Wireshark or something.
  2. I would like to ask you to test WebDAV issues with Yandex Disk (https://disk.yandex.ru). Since it has same problems like many users report on OwnClowd, NextCloud and Synology NAS, I suupose you can use it to reproduce WebDAV problem with Enpass. You can easily sign up to free account instead of asking Enpass users to provide demo accounts on their NAS'es and OwnClouds.
  3. Hi! I'm evaluating Enpass free version for Android. Trying to setup sync with WebDAV on Yandex Disk (https://disk.yandex.ru) and getting an error like many users in this forum. Why I'm posting in this thread it's the situation is quite similar - I had no problem with OLD version, but modern version is not working anymore. In fact I'm also getting similar error using modern versions of Keepass2Android app. That's a reason I'm currently using old version of Keepass2Android (1.0.0-f) too - and it works just fine. Seems like a regression in some HTTPS or WebDAV library you (and Keepass2Android) are using in your app. You can sign up to Yandex Disk to get access to free demo account to check the issue. Maybe it is also makes sense to analyze Keepass2Android diff between modern version and version 1.0.0-f to get some hints. Thanks. Here is exact error text from Enpass: Something went wrong while syncing with WebDAV. Error code: 908401 Problem Enpass version and OS: Enpass Android 8.0.0
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