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  1. In the Android version, Keepass DX and Keepass2Android applications, after unlocking the database, you can copy the user name and password. The operation is like this: 1. Unlocking the database. 2. we display the entry with the username and the password (from the application) 3. we reduce the application . 4. then we see appear in the notification bar, a KeepassDX notification divided in two, with the ability to copy the username and password . 5. click on it to copy the username and password. The notification disappears after clicking on it. I would love to have this feature in Enpass, Android version. There is a very embarrassing disadvantage, with some websites when you reduce the web browser , because go to copy the password or username since Enpass, then when you switch to the browser window, the input fields are now cleared.
  2. hasch2k08 , this is the traditional Windows version I use. (not the one in the Windows Store), under Windows 10 x64.
  3. hello hasch2k08 "Delete the history of all your entries and the import will work." ---> I don't understand. When I try to import, there are no passwords registered in Enpass. (Enpass is empty.) Other dysfunction, I noticed that the software became unstable after clicking on the button to select the file and before opening the Windows window to fetch the file (in the import settings). Frequently, but not every time, the software no longer responds (it is frozen) With the file Keepass XML and file CSV, import into Enpass (6.0.4) still not working (crash with XML). I tried with a clone of Keepass, KeepassXC and its export file .CSV. and the import doesn't work in Enpass. I solved this import problem with the password manager "Buttercup for Desktop". Besides to developers, you can add it to the list of supported password managers for import into Enpass. The Buttercup CSV file worked very well with the default settings of Enpass import. Buttercup for Desktop uses the same database (*.kdbx) as Keepass. Then in Buttercup, you have to export a CSV file.
  4. I updated to version 6.0.4 . I still have import problems. It does not work. There is always a crash of the application. It's not solved !
  5. For the moment I am blocked I can't use your software because I can't import my passwords at all. And given the large number of passwords I have added to KeePass I will not add them one by one in Enpass. The repeated crashes when I try to import give you a very bad image.
  6. I wanted to try Enpass (6.0.3), the traditional Windows version. I am currently using Keepass to manage my passwords. 1. Since Keepass, current version 2.x. I exported the XML file. 2. In Enpass, I clicked on import. The import started but after a few seconds your software suddenly closed. This situation has occurred every time. Having previously tried Sticky Password, I used this same file to import my passwords. I didn't have any problems and the import was a success. I tried with the other file to import my passwords. (CSV) 1. I export this file from Keepass. 2. In Enpass, I click on import. I choose Keepass and the CSV file. Enpass cannot find any passwords to import. I opened the CSV file and it is not corrupted and is not empty. From Sticky Password, I exported the file requested for import into Enpass. In Enpass, another import failure. My question is: is your software reliable? I am very disappointed by these dysfunctions.
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